Day 13 - Feb. 23rd 2012

Gluing some scrap wood blocks in the walls to support the light switches. 
You can see a pair at the bottom left corner and top right corner of the picture. 
The lower one is for the reading lights. I got two two LED bendable reading light from Ikea that I'll set in the wall.
I also got this mirror from Ikea that I'll put it in the cabin for my wife.

Detail of the light switch support in the wall.

I used too much glue. Oh well, this will be covered anyway.

Insulating the walls of the "kitchen area". The horizontal beams in the wall are to support the frame for the countertop.

The skin installed on one side (is "skin" the right word?)

Both sides insulated and "skinned".

Day 14 - Feb. 25th 2012