October 8-10, 2012 - Disneyland

Post date: Nov 18, 2012 6:56:0 AM

The girls were on fall break at school so we took advantage of that and went to Disneyland. We didn't tell the girls we were going until a couple of hours before we left, but for some reason they weren't too surprised. On our last trip I had said we would come back in October, and Kristen knew they didn't have school, and that I wanted to go for my birthday, so she was smart enough to put it all together. It was Halloween time at the Disneyland resort, and that Monday was Columbus Day, plus I think Utah, Oregon and even Ohio (plus others I'm sure) were also on break that week, so it was much busier than I like. We waited 35 minutes for Pirates! But I was still glad to be at the happiest place on the earth with the people I love. My birthday was Tuesday and Bret got us into Goofy's Kitchen for breakfast that morning. It was great food and it's awesome seeing the characters. Kara didn't have a problem with Goofy or Pluto, but Chip and Dale she was not so fond of. She would cry if they came near her. My guess is that they're strangers to her, where as Goofy & Pluto are on the wall in her bedroom. There were even a few characters that Emma didn't care for. Cars Land was still pretty crazy busy. Radiator Springs Racers was the one ride Laura asked to go on, and we never did. They waited in line about 40 minutes when it broke down and they emptied the queue. We went back Wednesday morning but the line was 3 hours long; that's just insane! We didn't want to wait so we did some other fun stuff around California Adventure. But Bret talked to someone later in the day that had gotten in that line and it broke down again. So even though the ride totally rocks, I'm glad we didn't wait in it for nothing. Before leaving on Wednesday we sat through the Disney Vacation Club presentation. Although we did not buy into it, the girls got to play in the room next to us with all kinds of princess costumes and we got cookies. Maybe some day when we're rich we could afford the Disney Vacation Club and stay at nicer hotels, but for now, I'm good with the cheap hotels we find.