June 1, 2011 - Laura's 4th Birthday

Post date: Jul 06, 2011 10:27:20 PM

Laura had been talking about her birthday for over a month and was so excited when it finally arrived. She had picked out a Mickey ears birthday hat when we were at Disneyland in May for us all to wear on our birthdays. When she walked into my room early that morning, I said "Happy Birthday, birthday girl!" and she said, "Does that mean I get to wear my hat now?" She was so excited to wear it but was a little confused how everybody knew it was her birthday. Bret took her out to Village Inn for breakfast. She requested Snow White on her cake, so I tried my best. When dad got home we had corn on the cob (which Kristen couldn't eat because of her loose tooth) and barbecued chicken. We played a few little party games together and then opened presents. I think she had picked out most of her presents so not much was a surprise to her, but she was still happy. Granddad & Grandma Harrison got her a princess scooter that she loved so much, she even slept with it in her bed that first night.