March 22, 2012 - Love at First Sight

Post date: Mar 22, 2012 8:55:50 PM

Our sweet little Kara is loved so much. We all fell in love with her instantly. Even Emma loves to just look and stare at her and will say "Baby Kara's soo cute." Kara has been a wonderful baby. Even the doctors and nurses said how perfect she is, so it's not just us being biased. Her first day at the hospital she only cried a bit when the nurse gave her a bath. She didn't cry right after she was born, didn't cry when they poked her with a needle, just when getting a bath. She cries a bit more now that she is home, but usually just when she is hungry. She is very patient with her sisters and lets them crowd around while they stare at her. First thing in the morning all the girls come into my room to see baby Kara and what she is doing. It appears that Kara likes the swing, which is good news for me. She is also quite the little sucker and is happy with a pacifier or her fingers. Of course she is also a good little eater and doesn't let a few hours pass by without reminding me. She has dimples on each cheek, but it's hard to catch a glimpse of them both at the same time. I'm sure that I'll take lots of pictures trying to capture them. I had already started calling her Care Bear just before she was born and it is a nickname that is going to stick. Kristen and Laura are used to it now, but Emma will still say, "No, that's Baby Kara."

Bret was home for four days which was super nice. My Mom & Dad have been here helping with the girls which has been wonderful for me. Kristen has been on spring break and they've had lots of trips to the park and even planted tomatoes that the girls love to water. Mom takes care of the food and Dad has been working on my list of things to fix or take care of around the house. They have spoiled me and I just sit and hold Kara all day long, but I'm loving every minute of it!

Well, Kara is reminding me right now that it's been 3 hours since she last ate, so I had better take care of her.