March 10, 2012 - No Baby Yet

Post date: Mar 10, 2012 10:52:38 PM

For those that are wondering, nope, no baby yet. Today (March 10) is my actual due date and because I don't want to be induced, we're just going to play the waiting game.My mom & dad got here last Saturday and have been patiently waiting. In the mean time they have been a huge help watching the girls while we've been busy with meetings and errands (mostly scouting related.) Our ward camp out (that Bret was in charge of) was last night and close enough that I drove home to sleep in my own bed. Our family did a skit for the campfire program and the girls did a great job. They made such cute little bunnies. The girls really enjoy camping and I'm glad they were able to camp overnight. They must have played hard because they were so exhausted they crawled into the tent and fell asleep before we filled up the air mattress. We will post when Kara decides to arrive so keep checking back here.