February 13, 2012 - Quick Update

Post date: Feb 13, 2012 10:53:7 PM

It is so overwhelming thinking about trying to catch up over the last year, so I'll probably just start posting current news and hope I can keep that up. We've had some changes this past year as Bret was released from Stake Young Men's and put in as second counselor in the bishopric. I was released as the organist and am now the wolf den leader for cub scouts. I have also managed to substitute a primary class each week to keep me from having to attend relief society. Kristen started 1st grade and we've already passed the 100th day of school. Laura is our girly girl and pretty much only wears skirts. Emma, who thinks her name is "big girl" Bret still loves his job 7 months later. The hours can be long, but he enjoys what he does and the people he works with. We are expecting baby girl #4 in a month so no promises on regular updates, but I am hoping to be better. Just felt the need to let everybody know that we are still alive and well, just busy.