Road Trip

  • Creator: Kenneth P. Langer
  • Publication Date: 2018
  • Retail Price: around $25
  • Edition: First
  • Cards
    • Road Cards
    • Road Conditions
    • Crusin' Cards
    • 4 cars
    • Rules

The Rules


  • To be the first player to complete the road trip and park your car.


  • 2-4


  • Road Cards
  • Road Condition Cards
  • Cruisin’ Cards
  • Cars


  • Separate the cards into three decks: Road Cards, Road Condition Cards, and Cruisin’ Cards. In addition, there are four Car Cards which can be used as markers though toy cars will also work well.
  • Shuffle the Road Condition Cards and place five face up horizontally on the table. Put the rest of the cards away.
  • Shuffle the Road Cards and set three rows of five cards (called lanes) horizontally beneath the Road Condition Cards face up. At least one of the lanes in each column must be clear. Make any adjustments to the lanes to meet this requirement.
  • Shuffle the Cruisin’ Cards, give each player 3 cards, then place them on the table to make a Draw Pile. Leave room for a Discard Pile.
  • Each player picks a Car Card or a toy car and places it at the far left end in front of the lanes.


  • On your turn, take a card from the Cruisin’ Cards Draw Pile. You must then play or discard a card so that you always have three in your hand. To play a card you must either: add miles to your road trip, change lanes, give another driver a speeding ticket or an accident, repair your car, or park.

The Road Trip

  • To complete the road trip, you must log 100 miles for each of the five Road Condition Cards on lanes that are clear moving from left to right.
  • To log miles, play any mph/miles card (from 10 to 90).
  • You may play any mph/miles card that does not exceed the limit expressed by the road condition but any card higher than 60 risks getting a Speeding Ticket.
  • You may not land on a space occupied by another player nor on any construction space.
  • After logging 100 miles, move your car forward or diagonally to the next column.
  • The first play has no speed limitations.

Changing Lanes

  • On your turn, you may change lanes in the same column if the lane is empty but changing lanes ends your turn.

Speeding Tickets

  • There is a 60 mph speed limit.
  • If you play a card higher than 60 mph, another player on their turn may give you a Speeding Ticket.
  • If you get a speeding ticket, you must immediately discard the mph/miles card you last used.
  • The Speeding Ticket is also discarded.

Accidents/ Repairs

  • If another player is adjacent to your car (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) you may place an Accident Card on their car.
  • If you are in an accident and do not have a Repair card, you must:
    • discard all the cards in your hand,
    • turn your Car Card over and move it to the side of the column you are in, and
    • not move back on the track or play any mph/miles cards until you play a Repairs card on your next turn.
  • If you do have a Repair Card, it must be played on your next turn.
  • On subsequent turns, do not discard until you have three cards in your hand.

Winning the Game

  • The game ends when one player passes the last column and plays a Park Card. The first player to do so is the winner.

Solo Play


  • Set up five Road Condition Cards FU.
  • Create one lane of unobstructed Road Cards FU.
  • Begin with your car or Car Card at the far left side of the lane.
  • Shuffle the Cruisin’ Cards and make a Draw Pile.
  • To play, take one card at a time from the Draw Pile and play it or discard it.
    • Mph/Miles Cards are used to reach 100 points to move to the next column.
    • An Mph/Miles Card that cannot be used must be discarded.
    • If you pick up a Speeding Ticket, you must discard the last Mph/Miles Card used and go back one column.
    • If you pick up an Accident Card, you must discard all Mph/Miles Cards in play.
    • All Park and Repair Cards count as 10 Mph/Mile Cards.
  • If you run out of Cruisin’ Cards in the Draw Pile, you lose.
  • If you complete the entire track before running out of Cruisin’ Cards, you win.

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