A Different Calling

by Kenneth P. Langer

What if the world was filled with ministers–people who cared about the well-being and wholeness of others? To minister is to attend to the needs of others and there are many great people who have committed their lives to that mission but not everyone is able to dedicate themselves to becoming a professional minister. Some choose to help others as a lay minister or non-professional caregiver. This text serves as a guide for training and support for people who want to become lay ministers or group facilitators of any spiritual tradition.


  • ISBN: 978-1-949464-01-6
  • Publication Date: October 2018
  • Paperback Price: $ 18.99
  • E-book Price: $4.99
  • Edition: First
  • Pages: 290
  • Images: 1
  • Charts: 8
  • Binding: Perfect
  • Features:
    • Solo exercises for practice and development
    • Partner exercises to help people learn and share together
    • An extensive bibliography
    • Study outlines


  • Preface
  • Introduction
    • What Does It Mean to be a Lay Minister?
  • Chapter One: Spiritual Advising
    • Introduction
    • The Spiritual Advisor
    • Spiritual Advising
    • Special Advising Situations
    • Exercises
  • Chapter Two: Spiritual Direction
    • Introduction
    • The Relationship
    • Spiritual Growth
    • The Process of Spiritual Direction
    • Exercises
  • Chapter Three: Sacred Circles
    • Introduction
    • Starting a Sacred Circle
    • Circle Meetings
    • Four Basic Principles
    • Exercises
  • Chapter Four: Maintenance
    • Introduction
    • Care for the Caregiver
    • Common Challenges
    • Retreats
  • Appendices
  • Study Outlines


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