The Milleran Cluster II:

The Forever Horizon

by Kenneth P. Langer

Book Two of the Milleran Cluster Series

by Kenneth P. Langer

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  • ISBN:
  • Publication Date: January 2016
  • Retail Price: $17.99
  • E-book Price: $4.99
  • Edition: First
  • Pages: 360
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  • Binding: Perfect

When the erratic but brilliant engineer Ty is nearly torn apart by excavation equipment, it is up to his friend Zoey to rescue him. On board the first explorer sun ship, the Constantia, Ty soon discovers that the failure of the enormous machine was no accident.

Meanwhile, on his home planet of Pa’Kevutu, a simple act of defiance turns into a large scale revolution that threatens to change the oppressive corporate governmental structure. Hoping to distract the people from the message of the rebels, the corporate executives send the Constantia on a controversial mission to find much needed resources on a large asteroid.

What Commander Wek and his crew discover is that the planet is the home of yet another human race but that fact does not dissuade them from their mission to rape the planet.

With only a fleet of small defenseless orbiters and a great deal of determination, the inhabitants of the planet of Pa’Chot decide to defend themselves. The war for the control of the collection of asteroids known as The Milleran Cluster begins.



  1. Standing Alone
  2. A Heavy Burden
  3. Only the Conviction
  4. The Law of the Land
  5. The Success of Fools
  6. The Deception of Survival
  7. Choose Wisely
  8. The Curse of Affection
  9. On the Knife's Edge
  10. Pass It On
  11. Act First
  12. Loud Enough and Often
  13. Preparation
  14. A New Fabric
  15. The Other Side of Kindness
  16. We Wait
  17. Resistance Is Futile
  18. Ebb and Flow
  19. The Untouchable
  20. Fire and Water
  21. The Light in the Heart
  22. Fire in the Sky
  23. Honor Above All
  24. What Comes of It
  25. Isolation
  26. The Arrival
  27. The Precipice
  28. Preemptive Strike
  29. In Theory and Practice
  30. The Path of Oppression
  31. Good Works
  32. The Wake of Destruction
  33. The Invisible Continuum
  34. The Unattainable Horizon
  35. Crying in the Wilderness
  36. Relax and Float
  37. Words Immortal
  38. Realization
  39. Asteroids
  40. The Teaching of Suffering
  41. Snow and Rain
  42. Mistakes Made
  43. Revenge and Power
  44. The Silent Depths
  45. Acts of Violence
  46. The Pleasant Sleep
  47. No Need for Meaning


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