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Number Symbol Playing and Oracle Cards

Two Decks To Greater Insight

The Number Symbol cards are actually two separate decks of 54 cards. One deck is a standard deck of playing cards. Each contains a traditional suit symbol and a number or a Jack, Queen, and King. Two Jokers are also included. In addition, a symbol is added to represent the number of the card. This deck can be used to play any standard card game.

The Oracle deck is the same as the standard deck except that it contains keywords of interpretation that relate to each number and suit of each card. This deck is intended to help train people to read standard playing cards as oracle decks.

  • Creator: Kenneth P. Langer
  • Publication Date: May 2017
  • Retail Price:  TBD
  • Edition: First
  • Cards
    • Deck of 54 standard playing cards
    • Deck of attached keywords

The method used to determine the relationships and keywords for these cards is from the book: