Diamond Mine

Diamond Mine:

The Card Game That's Also A

Dynamic Board Game

  • Creator: Kenneth P. Langer
  • Publication Date: June 2017
  • Retail Price: TBD
  • Edition: First
  • Cards: 80 square cards


Diamond Mine is a game that uses cards to construct a changeable playing board. Each game is unique since the set-up is different every time and cards on the board can be exchanged during play.

The Cards

There are 80 square cards comprised of:

  • 37 Number Cards
    • Fourteen 1s
    • Eleven 2s
    • Eight 3s
    • Four 4s
  • 11 Diamond Cards (with numbers)
    • Five 1s
    • Three 2s
    • Two 3s
    • One 4
  • 12 Mines
  • 12 Walls
  • 4 Player Markers
  • 4 Flags

Rules For Play


The goal of the game is to claim stake to the entire Diamond Mine and all the diamonds discovered during play.To do that, players must move their Marker Card to the opposite side of the board to take their flag then bring it back to their home base. An exact number is not needed to enter a home base or the opposite side, but the player must completely exit the board to claim their flag or end the game at their home base.


Diamond Mine can be played with 2-4 players.


  1. Remove the Flag and Playing Piece Cards.
  2. Set up a field of 5x5 cards (25 cards) face down
  3. Set up an additional row of five cards between the central grid and each player.
  4. The remaining cards become the Draw Pile.
  5. Place each player’s colored Marker Card behind the center card of the five cards in their home base.
  6. Place each player’s colored Flag Card on the opposite side of th field of their Marker Card.


  • Mines blow players back to their home base or to the opposite base if the player already possesses the flag.
    • On their next turn that player must begin again as in First Play.
  • Walls send a player back to the card from where they started their turn.

First Play:

  • Place your marker behind the middle card of the five on your home base.
  • Take a card from the Draw Pile. If the card is a Mine or a Wall card, discard it and the turn is over.
  • If the card drawn is a number card, move your marker ahead the number on the card starting from the middle card.
  • Star cards are used for numbers only on the first play.
  • After moving your marker, turn over the card you landed upon and place your marker over it.
  • Discard the card you drew from the Draw Pile.

Moving On The Board:

  • On your turn, move the number of spaces indicated on the card under your marker.
  • Players can move any combination of vertical and horizontal directions within the given number.
  • Landing on a space occupied by another player sends that player back to their home base or to the opposite side if they possess a flag.
  • If a player cannot move or has no choice but to repeat a move already made, that person must return to home base or the opposite side if in possession of a flag.

Special Cards:

  • Mine Cards can be crossed over but cannot be landed upon.
  • Wall Cards cannot be passed.
  • Diamond Cards allow the player to exchange cards on the board by doing the following:
    • Take a card from Draw Pile.
    • That card can be used to replace any upturned card on the board or it can be discarded with the following exceptions:
      • Mine Cards can only replace Walls.
      • Wall Cards can only replace Diamond Cards.
      • Mine Cards cannot be replaced.
      • Occupied squares cannot be changed.
    • Discard the removed card.
    • If the player cannot or does not want to play that card immediately, it must be discarded.


Multiple rounds of the game can be played by keeping score. The first player to successfully cross the board and return with their flag earns the total of the numbers of all the upturned diamond cards on the board.

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