The Suicide Fire

Book Three of the Milleran Cluster Series

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Erut is a simple farmer who found himself forced into the military by the power-hungry Kevutians bent on controlling all the asteroids of a region known as the Milleran Cluster. He is shipped to the verdant planet Pa'Myshka only to find himself falsely accused of stealing from the fees imposed on the subjugated Myshkans. He escapes from his fellow soldiers only to find himself amidst a band of rebels known as the Sifuti.

Ony'a, grand-daughter of Zoe and a Myshkan with some connection to Sifuti, uses her abilities to determine that Erut is telling the truth when he says the only thing of interest to him is going home to his farm. He agrees to aid the Sifuti if they can help him realize his wish. On a mission to rescue the Myshkan Lyrin and his followers, Erut proves his worth to the others.

Ony'a's brother Lagos is inspired by Erut to become a leader to the Myshkans and enact a ritual long ago prohibited by the occupying Kevutians. In the middle of the ritual, however, the Myshkans catch sight of banners flying from their sacred building, the Chantry. The Myshkans riot but are captured and surrounded. They are forced to give up their leader, Lagos. He is made to stand trial but his sister and closest friends know it is all for show the outcome of which will determine the future of the people of Pa'Myshka.

Ony'a and the Sifuti must find a way to rescue Lagos and force the Kevutians off their planet before the Myshkans and the life they once knew are destroyed forever.

Follow the plight of Exizoyn and her daughters as they resist the power-hungry forces of the Kevutian Conglomerate in the third book of this thrilling science-fiction series.

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  • Publication Date: August 2016
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  1. The Seed of Betrayal
  2. The Commonality of Surprise
  3. Running Toward Emptiness
  4. An Illusion More Real
  5. The Long Thread
  6. The Thunderous Whisper
  7. The True Warrior
  8. The Keeper of Secrets
  9. The Lightness of Freedom
  10. The Truth Before You
  11. A Capacity For Wisdom
  12. The River and the Rain
  13. Where The Meadow Has No Flowers
  14. The Path of Destiny
  15. Forward in Harmony
  16. Choosing Emptiness
  17. The Wind Does Not Wait
  18. The Addiction of Desire
  19. At the Edge of Knowing
  20. Embracing Truth
  21. Boundless Pride
  22. The Strength of the Heart
  23. A Necessary Burden
  24. A New Sunrise
  25. The Hope of Flowers
  26. A Calling
  27. The Edge of Darkness
  28. Unseen River
  29. Ends Without a Center
  30. The Cost of Indecision
  31. The Suicide Fire
  32. Looking Underneath From Above
  33. Conversion
  34. Just to be Heard
  35. The Lynch Pin
  36. I am Found Because I am Lost
  37. Open Wound
  38. A Little Help From Above
  39. The Frame is the Image
  40. Abandonment
  41. A Silent Partner



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