The Journey of Awri

Tales from the Milleran Cluster Series

The Journey of Awri

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Awri was a well-respected investigator who lived and worked in the big city of Yakrutich until the day he disappeared. Now his former partner, Chief Detective Exi, is searching for him. In partnership with her former nemesis, Kim, the two detectives follow the trail of a man who transforms himself into a harbinger of the rebellious philosophy that will one day influence the lives of the people of all the worlds of the Milleran Cluster.

  • ISBN: 978-0-9899257-2-3
  • Publication Date: September 2017
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  • Edition: First
  • Pages: 134
  • Illustrations:
  • Binding: Perfect


  1. Letter to My Granddaughter
  2. The Nature of the Universe
  3. The Death of Ishlan
  4. The Face of Destiny
  5. On The Move
  6. The Attack of the Demons
  7. The Emergence of Awri
  8. The Dance of Life
  9. Seekers of the Dance
  10. The Blessed One
  11. A Sailor's Tale
  12. She Dreamed a World of Paradise
  13. A Plague of Misfortune
  14. The Land of the True Self
  15. She Spins, She Spins
  16. The Lumen of Truth
  17. The Weave of the Cloth
  18. The Cyclonus: Profound Simplicity
  19. Hide and Seek
  20. The River of Souls
  21. Fire, Water, and Stone
  22. The Realm of Perfection
  23. Everywhere and Nowhere
  24. Of the Same Worth
  25. May You Rise to Meet Them


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