Sunken Treasure

You and your team have discovered a lost pirate ship on the bottom of the ocean and have decided to investigate. As you dive below the warm Caribbean waters to a dark murky surface below, you realize the pirate ship lost a battle against some unknown old-world gunship. You decide to investigate and find lost treasure amid a dark world of danger.

  • Creator: Kenneth P. Langer
  • Publication Date: June 2018
  • Retail Price: around $25
  • Edition: First
  • Cards (90 Total 300 gsm)
    • 41 Item Cards
    • 21 Attempt Cards
    • 4 Diver Cards
    • 20 Treasure Cards
    • 4 Rules Cards

The Rules


    • To gain treasure by opening hidden treasure chests while avoiding being attacked by sharks.


    • 1-4


    • Separate and shuffle each of the card decks (Item Cards, Attempt Cards, and Treasure Cards) and place them on the board.
    • Give each player one Diver Down card.
    • Leave room for a discard pile above each deck.
    • Leave room below the decks for Shark Cards.
    • All players turn their Diver Card to the “Diver Down” side. This indicates that all players are currently divers in the sea.


    • On your first play, search for an Item (see below).
    • On each subsequent turn, you may:
      • Take an Item Card, or
      • Attempt to open a treasure and collect it, or
      • Play a Safety Card, or
      • Surface/Dive.
    • You may not pass on any turn.

Searching For Items

    • Take an Item Card from deck.
      • If it is a Treasure card or Safety card, keep it.
      • If it is Junk, discard it,
      • If it is a Shark card, place it on the board.

Claiming Treasure

    • If your Item Card has a treasure box, you may attempt to unlock it or open it to discover the treasure inside.
    • If the item is unlocked (Unlocked Box or Unlocked Chest), you can claim the treasure by taking and keeping one or more Treasure Cards.
    • The money bags on the cards indicate how many Treasure Cards can be taken.
    • If the item is locked (Locked Box, Locked Chest or Locked Safe) you must first attempt to break the lock before claiming the treasure (see below).
    • Treasure cards are kept FU in front of the player until they are safely stored on the ship (banked).
    • Any Treasure that is brought to the surface is considered “banked” and cannot be lost for the remainder of the game.
    • Banked Treasure cards are turned FD until the end of the game.
    • Once a treasure is claimed, you collect a number of Treasure cards indicated by the number of bags on the Treasure Card.
      • Box = 1 Treasure Card.
      • Chest = 2 Treasure Cards.
      • Safe = 3 Treasure Cards.

Breaking a Lock

    • You can only attempt to unlock one box at a time.
    • To unlock a locked Treasure item, take one card per turn from the Attempt Cards deck and place it over the item you are attempting to unlock.
    • The cards have the following effects:
      • Open: The lock is opened. You claim the treasure by taking one or more Treasure Cards (see the number of money bags on the card) in the same turn.
      • Cracked: The lock is cracked but not broken. You may attempt again on another turn. If you get a second Cracked Card, the lock is open and you can take a Treasure Card. Keep the Cracked Card until all attempts are complete.
      • Fail: The lock cannot be opened. You must immediately discard the Item Card.
      • Trapped: A secret trap is revealed. You can discard the treasure or make another attempt on another turn but if a second Trapped Card is revealed you must surface under the same rules as a Shark Attack. The Trapped card is kept until all attempts are complete.
      • No Effect: Nothing happens. You can try again on the next turn.
    • After an attempt is complete, all the Attempt Cards used are discarded.
    • When the Attempt Cards pile is depleted, the discards are shuffled and made into a new pile.


    • Surfacing allows you to bank Treasure or avoid a Shark Attack.
    • You can surface to your boat by flipping over the Diver Down card on your turn.
    • You cannot, however, take any chests or boxes with you and must discard all Item Cards and Attempt Cards after surfacing.
    • Once the card is flipped, your turn is over.
    • While surfaced, you can only dive again, bank treasure, or attempt to steal.
    • To dive again, turn over your Diver Up card.
    • If all players surface, all Sharks currently on the board are discarded.

Stealing Treasure

    • If you are on the surface and another player is still below, you can attempt to break into their safe using the same process as Breaking A Lock.
    • Take an Attempt Card and turn it over.
    • If successful, you can randomly collect one of their face down banked treasure cards.
    • If the diver under attack surfaces before the attacker can successfully steal any treasure, the attempt must be abandoned and all Attempt Cards used discarded.
    • Stealing may only be attempted once per surface.

Banking Treasure

    • Once on the boat, you can bank any captured treasure by turning your Treasure Cards face down. Those cards cannot be lost to Shark Attacks.
    • Banking Treasure completes a turn.

Shark Attack

    • If you pick up a Shark Card, you must immediately put it on the board.
    • If a third Shark Card is placed on the board, divers in the water are under attack and must immediately surface and discard all their cards except any “banked” treasure.
    • If all players surface before the third card, the Shark Cards are discarded.
    • On any turn you can play one Safety Card from your hand and eliminate one Shark Card. Both cards are discarded.
    • Only one Safety Card can be played per turn and completes the turn.

Winning the Game

    • The game ends when a player has $20,000 or more in treasure banked and is proclaimed the winner.

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