The Song of the Mother

Book Four of the Milleran Cluster Series

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Ony’a and Erut are rescued from the onslaught of the Kevutian forces on the planet of Pa’Myshka by the stranger known as Zao but their troubles are far from over. Ony’a wants to take revenge against the Kevutian forces and the cruel dominion they have built over the other planets of the collection of asteroids known as The Milleran Cluster. Over time they have tortured and imprisoned the inhabitants of those worlds in their never-ending quest for resources and faithful workers of their Corps. Erut has become one of the prisoners and desires his freedom and a chance to destroy the empire known as The Conglomerate. The two will separately battle the domination of The Conglomerate and its heavy-handed ruler Yavech Yeves III until they meet together to solve an even greater mystery: the previously unknown planet of origin.

Follow the plight of Exizoyn and her daughters as they resist the power-hungry forces of the Kevutian Conglomerate in the fourth and final book of this thrilling science-fiction series.

  • ISBN: 978-0-9899257-0-9
  • Publication Date: April 2017
  • Retail Price: $17.99
  • E-book Price: $2.99
  • Edition: First
  • Pages: 365
  • Illustrations: 15
  • Binding: Perfect



  1. The Fear of Death
  2. The Prison Camps
  3. Abandoned
  4. The Cave of Resistance
  5. The Day After
  6. The Flip Side
  7. The Grainy Truth
  8. The View From Above
  9. For the Love of Power
  10. A Prisoner's Death
  11. Up, Up and Away
  12. Getting Even
  13. Liberation
  14. The Ice Planet
  15. Setting the Trap
  16. Moving Up
  17. Lost In Space
  18. Take to the Sea
  19. Marauding We Will Go
  20. The Drifter
  21. The Crazy Lady
  22. The Face of Fear
  23. The Clockmaker
  24. The Waiting Room
  25. When the Wind Whispers
  26. The Least Likely Traitor
  27. Love is in the Air
  28. Feelings Never Die
  29. Stand Your Ground
  30. Go Tell the Children
  31. The Elite
  32. Message Received
  33. Surprise Attack
  34. The Boss Is Out
  35. The Covenant
  36. Defending the Homeland
  37. The Housekeeper
  38. Back to the Beginning
  39. Catching Some Waves
  40. What Lay Beyond
  41. Reunion
  42. The Meeting
  43. The Life We Once Knew
  44. The Mother
  45. Behind the Curtain
  46. Crashing the Party



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