Commodore was a really big name in calculators during the '70s.  Initially, they and Bowmar sold branded versions of the same calculators, but later they went separate ways.

Commodore Minuteman 2

This was my first calculator.  It cost around $100 in 1972-3 and helped me get through my high school Chem class.

It works under AC power, but the 6 (!) original ni-cads have been removed.

Commodore 784D

Just about as simple as they get and still working fine.
Commodore 796M

Just a small step up, also working.
Commodore MM2SR

MM2SR = Minuteman2 Slide Rule, a fuctionallly upgraded version of the original Minutemand2, above, but of cheaper construction.

No longer working.
Commodore US-1

I don't normally collect AC-only calculators, but this example shows the common design of the Commodore line from small to big.  You could fit two MM2SRs into the case of this desktop unit.

 Commodore F4146R

A colorful financial calculator in the Commodore style.

(Sorry for the shaky picture.)
 Commodore SR4190

Just look at all those keys!  49 of them, and 42 have secondary functions!  That has to be some sort of record for a non-programmable calculator with a fixed function set.
 Commodore 886D

 Commodore GL-996R

Functionally the same as the 886D, above, this version was a bit less buggy and far prettier!  I think this is one of the loveliest calculators Commodore made.