General meeting 2019 in Winnipeg

Annual BEPSII/ECVice 2019 meeting is happening August 16-18th and the IGS sea-ice symposium August 19-23 at the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg, Canada.

Registration for the IGS symposium is now open, please register at:

In the contrary to my earlier email, there will not be a button to register for side meetings at the IGS site, please register to the BEPSII/ECVice meeting via this link (there is no fee to attend the BEPSII meeting):

Note that we applied for a limited amount of funding with preference for early career scientists. If you would like to request travel support to attend the BEPSII meeting, please indicate at time of registration.

We are currently compiling an agenda for the meeting. We will focus on discussions and leave most of the science talks to our focused session at the IGS special. (We anticipate some time for updates from people attending the BEPSII but not attending the IGS meeting and if the meeting room permits hope to have the posters displayed)

Our current plans for discusssions include a focus on:

1) review and position analysis papers ( e.g. science paper on Arctic sea-ice impacts and sea-ice ecosystem services, initial discussion for a respective paper for the Antarctic, data compilation papers)

2) Long term plans for a multi-national sea-ice-bgc oriented experiment

3) Model developments and CMIP6 evaluations focusing on sea-ice systems and sea-ice ecosystem services

4) sea-ice field school in 2021

5) Improved collaboration among ocean, sea-ice, atmospheric components - (linking the research communities BEPSII and CATCH)

6) Updates and ongoing taskgroup work for ECVice and BEPSII

If there anything that you feel should be included in the discussion, please let us know