About us

BEPSII is a working group of the SCOR - the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research.

The aim of BEPSII is to identify the feedbacks between biogeochemical and physical processes at the ocean-ice-snow-atmosphere interfaces and within the sea-ice matrix.

It brings together more than 30 international experimentalists and modellers, is co-chaired by both Jacqueline Stefels (The Netherlands) and Nadja Steiner (Canada).

BEPSII is subdivided into 3 task groups (TG); each has their specific goals :

TG1: Methodology intercomparison group
Lead by: Lisa Miller (Canada) and Lynn Russell (USA)
  1. Review the existing methods for sampling and measurements;
  2. Plan some intercomparison and intercalibration projects (to compare the different methods);
  3. Provide a guide of best practices

TG2: Data group
Lead by: Klaus Meiners (Australia) and Martin Vancoppenolle (France)
  1. Produce new data inventories and datasets by collation of existing data;
  2. Provide recommendations for standardized protocols and databases.

TG3: Modeling group
Lead by: Clara Deal (USA) and Nadja Steiner (Canada)

  1. Write a short paper/report on modellers' needs (recommendations from modelers to observationalists);
  2. Review the major biogeochemical processes;
  3. Intercompare 1D models and publish a review;
  4. Study the applicability and relevance of small-scale processses and model parameterizations in 1D models to the global & regional climate models.