General open BEPSII science meeting - June 15-17, 2018 in Davos -Switzerland

Post date: Feb 21, 2018 1:39:42 PM

Minutes of the meeting


Next general open BEPSII meeting will be held in Davos -Switzerland next 15-17 June just prior SCAR/IASC POLAR 2018. Join us by sending an email to @j_stefels and flagging "ASSW or other business meeting" while registering to POLAR 2018.

The BEPSII meeting will be organized in conjunction with International Foresight meeting on Arctic Sea Ice Changes and the ECV-ice annual meeting.

Meeting agenda

We have an exiting and busy schedule in which we ask for your active contribution, as you will find out.

It starts with asking you to present yourself during a one-minute pitch for which we ask you to prepare ONE slide with your name, affiliation, scientific interest and your Foresight Statement. That means: How do you think future reduced Arctic sea ice will impact on the parameter you know most about. (e.g.: “I predict primary production will be reduced by 80% because all nutrients will be consumed” or: "I predict primary production will double because of increased irradiance”). If possible illustrated with one figure; either data from your own science or a figure that you find particularly inspiring.

Please send this slide to Letizia Tedesco BEFORE Wednesday the 13th: You will be asked to present your slide in alphabetic order.

Besides the busy program, we will have the opportunity to put up posters in or next to the meeting room. This will give you some more time to show your work to our community, in stead of getting lost in the Polar2018 OSC poster sessions. But keep in mind that we did not reserve extra time, it is only meant to have a look at during the breaks.

The meeting is partly supported by the European Marine Research Network