Astroimágenes de Joaquín Ferreirós

Astronomical images obtained from my observatory in Pozuelo de Alarcón, which is 10 Km away from Madrid center, or from remote dark sites such as Bonilla (Cuenca), Montes de Toledo or Hortezuela de Océn. I begun astrophotography in 1999 with a home built CooKbook 245 CCD camera. My actual setup for astroimaging includes a SBIG STL11000 camera and either a Takahashi FSQ106N scope or a Vixen VC200L scope on an ASA DDM85 equatorial mount, I also employ a more portable Losmandy G11 equatorial for imaging at country dark sites. Since 2015 I am also employing a very portable setup for imaging at remote sites, which includes a Vixen Polarie star tracker, a Canon 600D camera and a photographic tripod.
Contact: joaferre at telefonica dot net

Last images. Click on each to see a higher resolution image, and a description.


The Pleiades and surrounding nebulosity. New!

 The Shark nebula and VdB 152 in Cepheus. 

From North America to Crescent

From North America to Crescent.

Pipe nebula

Scutum star cloud and M11. NEW!

Scutum star cloud and M11



Omega and Eagle nebulae
  Omega (M17) and Eagle (M16) nebulae.

 Soul Nebula, in Hubble color palette

From Cone nebula to IC2169

From Cone nebula to IC 2169 

Veil Nebula (APOD, Nov 26th 2012)

Veil nebula. APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day, November 26th 2012)

Virgo Cluster

Virgo star cluster