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El Choclo

     The popular Argentine tango "El Choclo" has many different lyrics. In fact, it forms the music for an English #1 hit from the 50's and a  popular song by Louis Armstrong and Nat King Cole-- "Kiss of Fire."   

     "El Choclo" first appears on the cover of this 1903 program  from the elegant restaurant "The American" in Buenos Aires. It was written by Ángel Villoldo, probably around 1898. 

     El Choclo translates as 'the corn cob." There are some interesting theories as to the origins of this title.  Irene Villoldo, sister of the composer, related this story to the singer Juan Carlos Marambio Catan .  According to Catan, "El Choclo" was the nickname of a street pimp, who worked in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Junín and Lavalle, and who got that nickname from the color of his hair.  


      Other sources relate the title to the popular Argentine stew called Carbonada Criolla, which contains large chunks of whole corn.  When Villoldo wrote the first lyrics of this tango, he was careful that the pimp that gave title does not appear in it, rather he hinted that El Choclo was a food: 

There is corn that has gold pins, 

which  I love 

with tender passion.

For some great tango comedy check out this satire with Marcelo Guardiola and Giorgia Marchiori dancing to El Choclo
An Italian tourist in Buenos Aires because of the Tango World Championship meets a classic Argentinian tanguero.

Los Guardiola satire: "El Choclo"

Recorded versions of El Choclo From Wikipedia

Allan Sherman sang a parody of the song as "Kiss of Meyer", which starts out like a Jewish song with the "Dye Dee Dye Dee Dye", and ending the song with a brief quote of "Whatever Lola Wants" as "Whatever Meyer wants, Meyer gets/ And that's his name: His name is Meyer Goetz!" The instrumental version by 'Chico & Bill' (Chico Vasquez and Bill Aken) in their 1970 album was notable because they were joined in the studio on that one recording by Les Paul and Chet Atkins who were both long time family friends of Aken's parents. (Wikipedia)

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