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"What Is an Ambigram?" You may ask...

It is a typographical design or art form that may be read as one or more words not only in its form as presented, but also from another viewpoint, direction, or orientation. It is also sometimes known as an "inversion." (Definition source: Wikipedia.org) This means you can turn it up-side-down (rotational ambigram, like the one on the left) or look at it in a mirror (bilateral ambigram, like the one on the right and a few of the names listed on the Name Art Page), and it will still read the same, or it will spell something different (symbiotogram, like the banner above where the word 'ambigram' rotates 180 degrees to become the word 'greetings' and like most of the List of Paired Personal Names on the Name Art Page). Some ambigrams overlap their inversion in such a way that you can make an infinite chain -- these look nice when formed into a ring. (There are a few of this type in my collection of Greeting Cards.) There are also a few other types of ambigrams described on the Wikipedia page mentioned above, some of which I have yet to try.

Here at this web site, an AmbiGram is also a greeting card that intentionally incorporates the use of one or more ambigrams. So far, there are about four dozen different Ambigram Greeting Cards to chose from, with more on the way, all of which feature ambi-fied expressions on the front and a definition paragraph on the back. There are even some in French, German, and Spanish! The insides are blank so you can add your own personal message. Some of the greeting card designs are also available on small gift bags. (See notations on the Greeting Cards page for details.)

Would you be more interested in an ambigram to keep for yourself? Check out the list ambi-fied Name Art, or look through the Word Art for something that may interest you.

This site is still under construction and is updated frequently. More ambigrams, Tips and Resources will be added soon. New Greeting Card and Word Art designs are added almost every month. Be sure to check the News and Announcements page for updates and a Calendar of Events. In the meantime, Have a look around. Enjoy!

-- Rebecca May

2016-Sep-01: I'm working on a new website, www.ambigramgreetings.com. I'll continue to make some updates here at this website for the time being, but most of my efforts will be concentrated on the new site.

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