How Bush killed 100,000 American infants”

Gideon Polya. “How Bush killed 100,000 American infants”, MWC News, 24 May 2006.


How Bush killed 100,000 American infants

The US is the richest country on earth with an annual per capita income of about $38,000 – as compared to $21,000 (Singapore), $400 (Bangladesh) and an average for the world of about $9,000 (2003 figures; for the latest see UNICEF

One assumes that surely an overwhelmingly majority of Americans would regard the Right to Life of BORN American infants as a fundamental priority and that accordingly the “DEMOCRACY” Americans keep boasting about endlessly, together with their immense WEALTH, would result in America having the best infant survival outcomes in the world. Not so – keeping America’s infants alive has proved as difficult for Dubya as pronouncing “nucular” properly.

Unfortunately for 100,000 dead American infants and 200,000 bereaved American parents (so far) this century, American “democracy” doesn’t mean satisfying overwhelming popular demands. 

Under George W. Bush there have been crucial priorities OTHER than the legitimate, popular, DEMOCRATIC demand for American infant survival e.g. invading and occupying foreign countries (Haiti, Iraq and Afghanistan), putting up the price of oil, assisting particular areas of the economy (e.g. the military-industrial complex, Saudi petrodollar investment in the US) and killing America’s “enemies” such as the 1.6 million under-5 year old infants who have died avoidably post-invasion in the Occupied Iraqi and Afghan Territories (see MWC News , here  , and also see: here and here ).

 The 2001 Economics Nobel Laureate, American  Professor Joseph Stiglitz (Columbia) and his Harvard colleague Professor Linda Bilmes have estimated the US dollar cost of the Iraq War at between $1 TRILLION and $2 TRILLION (see: herehere and MWC News ). Bush has certainly had plenty of resources with which to respond to the number one democratic demand of the American people and  invest in the survival of American infants. Unfortunately Bush had “better” things to do with American taxes.

The “annual under-5 infant death rate” is 0.17% in the “democratic” US (annual per capita income $38,000) – exactly the same as in one-party Communist  Cuba under Fidel Castro (annual per capita income $1,200) – but is only 0.07% in “democratic” Singapore (annual per capita income $21,000;  84 People’s Action Party MPs, but only 2 Opposition MPs after the 2006 elections) (see: here ).

Clearly, “democratic” America under Bush has not done nearly as well as “democratic” Singapore in keeping infants alive – indeed it has only done as well as impoverished Communist Cuba. The DIFFERENCE between the “annual under-5 infant death rate” of the US and Singapore is 0.1% and the under-5 infant population of the US is 20.1 million –  this difference accordingly translates as 20,100 under-5 year old American infant deaths each year or about 100,000 AMERICAN INFANT DEATHS OVER 5 YEARS.  

One-party Cuban  “democracy” means that infant survival is the same as in the world’s richest nation. One party-dominated Singaporean “democracy” means that infant survival in Singapore is TWICE that in the world’s richest country. Two-party, corporate-dominated American “democracy” means that infant survival in the US is the same as in one of the poorest countries in the Americas.

Lying, racist, holocaust-ignoring Anglo-American Mainstream Media will simply NOT report the horrendous human cost of the Bush Wars that (so far) have been  associated with 2.3 million excess deaths (avoidable deaths) and 1.8 million under-5 infant deaths (90% avoidable) in the Occupied Iraqi and Afghan Territories (see MWC News ). These avoidable deaths have occurred due to  gross contravention by the US-led Coalition of the 1949 Geneva Convention that demands that the Occupier do everything in its power to preserve the health and life of its conquered subjects (see: here). 

Unfortunately,  the US (like Israel) regards its citizens as beyond the reach of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and accordingly Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Dr Rice (Dr Death) are unlikely to face the ICC for their involvement in the post-invasion avoidable deaths of 1.6 million utterly innocent and utterly helpless  Iraqi and Afghan infants. However Bush and Dr Death are subject to US Federal Laws in relation to war crimes. Further, they are subject to US laws in relation to depraved indifference in complicity in the deaths of fellow American citizens. 

SO FAR Bush has a major responsibility for the deaths of 2,752 American soldiers (2,456 in Iraq and 296 in Afghanistan), the wounding of 18,587 American soldiers (17,869 in Iraq and 718 in Afghanistan) (see:   ), for about 50,000 post-2001 American opiate drug deaths due to Coalition restoration of the Taliban-destroyed Afghan opium industry to a current 87% of world market share (see: here ) and for about 100,000 under-5 year old American infant deaths due to gross dereliction of duty. 

How many Americans does Bush have to kill before he is impeached?

Americans, write your Congressman NOW.