George Soros - Bush America needs de-Nazification”

Gideon Polya, “George Soros - Bush America needs de-Nazification”, MWC News, 20 February 2007.


George Soros - Bush America needs de-Nazification

The New York Post recently (February 18, 2007) carried a virulently unpleasant article about billionaire financial wizard and extraordinarily generous philanthropist George Soros.

According to the New York Post, George Soros told “a group of reporters over lunch recently that America's future will be determined by the "extent it recognizes the mistake" that was made by waging war in Iraq - and purging those responsible. "America needs to follow the policies it has introduced in Germany," said the Hungarian-born hedge-fund billionaire, according to The New York Times. "We have to go through a certain de-Nazification process."”

Well, the New York Post was very upset about this comparison of Bush’s Amerika with Nazi Germany and the implications of “de-Nazification”. In post-1945 Germany the Allies instituted a de-Nazification protocol that meant the elimination of all Nazi symbols from public and banning all former Nazi officials from holding public office.

Indeed the de-Nazification process was so thorough that outstanding writer and humanitarian Gunter Grass, the Nobel Prize winning German novelist (“The Tin Drum” (Die Blechtrommel);  Nobel Prize, 1999) was so ashamed of having been forced by conscription to join the SS in 1944 at the age of 17 that he kept it a secret until 2006 (see: HERE ).

However, rather than responding in a knee-jerk fashion like the Iraq War-complicit New York Post, let us ask  (a) how qualified is George Soros to make such a comment and (b) what is the veracity of the comment?

(a) George Soros and his WW2 experience of Nazi tyranny in Hungary 1944-1945

George Soros is an investor, speculator, financial wizard, philanthropist and political activist. A graduate of the London School of Economics (LSE) and much inspired by philosopher Sir Karl Popper, George Soros  was made famous by his speculation on the British pound and was known as the man “who broke the Bank of England”. George Soros has been a  very generous benefactor (perhaps the world's greatest benefactor at several hundred million dollars annually  before Bill and Melinda Gates commenced their extraordinary and continuing generosity). His philanthropy very sensibly targeted scholars and universities in the interests of the “open society”. He contributed significantly to the collapse of Communist dictatorships and the growth of "open societies" in his native Eastern Europe (see: HERE ).

Assimilated Jewish Hungarian George Soros (born 1930) lived through the terror of Hungarian fascism and Nazi German occupation of Hungary in 1944-1945.  As a teenager in Nazi-occupied Hungary in 1944 he was sent by his father to warn other members of the Budapest Jewish community not to go to the railway station as ordered on pain of death by the Nazis since this meant deportation to death camps like Auschwitz.  0.2 million people out of a community of 0.7 million (including all but a dozen of my wider family) died when the Holocaust came to German-occupied Hungary in 1944-1945 (Martin Gilbert, "Atlas of the Holocaust", Michael Joseph, London, 1982).

With his terrifying World War 2 experience under Nazi German occupation, it is not surprising that George Soros is fervently opposed to the horrendous warmongering, violence, invasion and occupations  of the Bush régime, continues to fund Democratic party opposition to  Bush and is reportedly a benefactor

(b) Bush Amerika and Nazi Germany comparisons

Consider the following appalling litany of Bush Family crimes over three quarters of a century [Nazi German comparisons are in parentheses].

1. The Nazis were helped to power by George Bush's grandfather .

2. The excess deaths in post-1950 US Asian wars now total 19 million (as of February, 2007; see MWC News ) [Allied civilians losses in WW2 in Asia and Europe totalled 54 million, of which 4 million were due to the man-made Bengal Famine in British India] .

3. The “enemy”/”US military” death ratios in various US Asian wars have been: 1.0 million/33,651 = 29.7 (Korea, 1950-1953);  13.1 million /47,378 = 276.5 (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, 1955-1975); 1.7 million /147 =  11,564.5 (Iraq, 1990-2003); 1.0 million/3144 = 318.0 (Iraq, 2003-2007); 2.2 million/367 = 5994.6 (Afghanistan, 2001-2007) [“enemy civilian”/ “Axis soldier” death ratio ordered by Hitler in 1944: 10; Nazi Ardeatine Caves Massacre, Italy, 1944: 10; actual death ratio in WW2 overall in all theatres: 9.2] (see MWC News ].

4. Violating democracy (twice violating  presidential elections) [the Nazis were elected in 1933; after the Reichstag fire, antiterrorism hysteria and the Enabling Act the Third Reich Nazi dictatorship commenced ;

5. Jingoism with symbols (visual media propaganda conflating the flag, military symbolism and war with freedom, patriotism and virtue) [ditto Nazi Germany];

6. Jingoism with words (e.g. spin, slies or spin-based untruths, terror hysteria, War on Terror propaganda) [Nazi Goebbels excelled at this];

7. Terror legislation and other human and civil  rights-violating enactments (US post-9/11 Patriotic Act legislation) [Nazi post-Reichstag terror legislation; eventual Enabling Act instituting Nazi dictatorship];

8. Abusive imprisonment without trial (tens of thousands imprisoned abusively in Iraq; hundreds ditto at Guantanmao Bay; thus Australian  David Hicks was raped in US custody, tortured, kept in solitary confinement for huge periods, 5 years' abusive imprisonment in Guantanamo Bay without charge or trial);

9. Use of torture (e.g. Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay and use of rendition to fly prisoners to torture centres in Uzbekhistan and Egypt) [horrendous Nazi imprisonment, torture and killing abuses];

10. Lies, slies (spin-based untruths), propaganda (e.g. the pre-war Iraq WMD lies) and bald denial of expert views (e.g. on horrendous deaths, the absence of Iraqi WMDs, terrorism exacerbation by the War on Terror invasions) [Goebbels propaganda inspiring the adjective Goebbelsian];

11. Abuse of its own citizens (0.12 million under-5 year old in American infants - mostly African American or Hispanic one suspects - have died avoidably under the Bush regime) [German Jews, Communists, Socialists, Homosexuals, Christian resisters, Jehova’s Witnesses, and disabled people imprisoned and murdered];

12. Mass pedocide (mass paedocide, mass infanticide) ( 1.2 million under-5 infant deaths in Bush I-Clinton-Bush II Sanctions War; 0.6 million under-5 infant deaths in Occupied Iraq i.e. 1.8 million Arab (Semitic) infant deaths, 90% avoidable; 1.8 million post-invasion Afghan under-5 infant deaths – 90% avoidable);[the Nazis killed 1.5 million Jewish children];

13. Annual under-5 infant death rate in 2005 (i.e. as a percentage: deaths for every 100 under-5 year old infants in 2005 in a particular country) was 6.7%  (Occupied Afghanistan); 2.8% (Occupied Iraq); 5.5% (Occupied Somalia); 2.7% (Occupied Haiti); and 0.47% (Occupied Palestinian Territory) – as compared to 0.12% (Occupi-er Australia) and 0.12% (Occupi-er Israel) [the Nazis killed 1.5 million Jewish children];

14. Racist mass murder (2.7 million excess deaths in US-violated Iraq 1990-2007; 1.0 million excess deaths in post-invasion Occupied Iraq and 3.7 million refugees; 2.2 million post-invasion excess deaths in Occupied Afghanistan, 3.7 million refugees; post-invasion 0.3 million excess deaths in Israel-occupied Palestine (Genocide according to the UN Convention: is  mass destruction with intent to destroy in whole or in part; the Bush's have destroyed 10% of the Iraqi population and displaced another 15% as refugees; ditto to the Afghan population; the US has backed the slow Palestinian Genocide) [Axis  invasions, occupations, bombings and mass murder cost about 80 million lives; in World War 2 the Axis civilian deaths totalled 5.1 million as compared to Allied civilian losses in Europe and Asia totalling 54 million; US, British Empire, Axis and Soviet military losses totalled 0.29 million, 0.45 million, 5.9 million and 13.6 million, respectively] (see MWC News);

15. Entrenched anti-Arab anti-Semitism and Islamophobia backed up by mass murder of 3.2 million Muslims so far in Iraq and Afghanistan;  invasion or occupation of defenceless, remote  countries in whole or in part by US or US-backed forces in just the last few years involves  Haiti, Somalia, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, and Afghanistan with Iran under acute threat  [entrenched anti-Aryan and anti-Jewish anti-Semitsm leading to the highly industrial mass murder of 6 million Jews];

16. US-Israeli State Terrorism (USIST) run by Bush-ites and Racist Zionists has been publicly adumbrating the nuclear bombing of Iran for a year or so (a Google Search for the obscene phrase “nuke Iran” now yields 213,000 URLs);

17. It is highly likely that elements of the US Government or its international surrogates were complicit in the 9/11 atrocity. Scholars for 9/11 Truth provide compelling scientific evidence for Bush-ite complicity in 9/11 e.g.  it is physically impossible for WTC7, not hit by planes and not having fires requiring emergency services, to have collapsed in close to a  free-fall  time exactly matching free-fall kinetics at close to the acceleration due to gravity without explosive demolition (see: HERE ); Osama bin Laden expert Professor Bruce Lawrence of Duke University says that the notorious “9/11confession tape” is an outright fake by the US Government (see: HERE ) [the Reichstag Fire sufficed for the Nazis; they didn’t have to murder 3,000 innocent Germans to garner popular hysteria].

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it probably is a duck. George Soros is correct  and has done decent America and the World a great favour by speaking out on Bush-ite Nazi comparisons and calling not only for the democratic removal of the Bush régime but a subsequent thorough de-Nazification of the Amerika involved in this horrendous, continuing Nazi-style abuse of human rights and Mass Avoidable Death (MAD). 

Of course the lying, racist, holocaust-ignoring, Bush-ite  Mainstream media, the Racist Zionists (RZs) and the Racist Religious Right Republican (R4) Bush-ites will ferociously deny the awful truth – and, like the Nazis, will use media domination to make the lies of commission and omission stick with a seriously gullible American electorate. However those denying or ignoring these realities are guilty of denying, ignoring and passively or actively supporting huge Nazi-style crimes against humanity. In short they are guilty of genocide denial, holocaust denial, denial of Mass Avoidable Death  (MAD) - crimes of contemporary holocaust denial, genocide denial or MAD minimization that hopefully will be shortly criminalized in the EU if a current German legislative proposal gets up.