Professor Griffin: Osama didn't do 9-11. Try Obama & US Alliance for post-9-11 war crimes

Gideon Polya, “Griffin: Osama didn't do 9-11. Try Obama & US Alliance for post-9-11 war crimes”, MWC News, 4 November 2009.


Griffin: Osama didn't do 9-11. Try Obama & US Alliance for post-9-11 war crimes


According to Professor David Ray Griffin there is no good evidence for Osama bin Laden responsibility for the 9-11 atrocity. Conversely, hard scientific evidence points to explosive demolition of the WTC buildings by the US. The war criminal US Alliance leaders must be tried for 7-9 million post-9-11 war-related deaths.


The website of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has a link to its “most wanted terrorists” .At the head of the list is the picture of a man known to everyone on the planet as Osama bin Laden but referred to by the no doubt accurate FBI as Usuma Bin Laden. The FBI also lists the aliases Usama Bin Muhammad Bin Ladin, Shaykh Usama Bin Ladin, The Prince, The Emir, Abu Abdallah, Mujahid Shaykh, Hajj, The Director.


English language Western media commonly refer to “Osama bin Laden” but most American government agencies, including the FBI and the CIA  use either "Usama bin Laden" or "Usama bin Ladin", both of which are often abbreviated to UBL .


The FBI headlines the following general US Federal offences for which Osama bin Laden is wanted: “MURDER OF U.S. NATIONALS OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES; CONSPIRACY TO MURDER U.S. NATIONALS OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES; ATTACK ON A FEDERAL FACILITY RESULTING IN DEATH”  and  lists the following  specific crimes for which Osama bin Laden is wanted: “Usama Bin Laden is wanted in connection with the August 7, 1998, bombings of the United States Embassies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Nairobi, Kenya. These attacks killed over 200 people. In addition, Bin Laden is a suspect in other terrorist attacks throughout the world.


However there is NO mention of any involvement of Osama bin Laden in the 9/11 atrocity for which he is held responsible by Western politicians and Mainstream media.


Indeed the US “excuse” for its invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 was the false assertion that the Afghan Government would not hand over Osama bin Laden for justice – the reality was that the Afghan Government WAS prepared to hand Osama bin Laden over to a Third Country.


Further, even according to the “official version” of 9-11 - from the egregiously and pathologically dishonest Bush Administration,  that according to a US think tank, the Center for Public Integrity,  told 935 lies about Iraq between 9/11 and the March 2003 invasion of Iraq – there were NO Afghans and NO  Iraqis among the 19 alleged hijackers involved in the alleged 9-11 hijackings.


Professor David Griffin has documented Osama bin Laden’s denials of any involvement in the 9/11 atrocity and has adduced strong evidence that Osama bin Laden probably died in mid-December 2001 i.e. well prior to alleged “video confessions” fed to the gullible public from 2004 onwards. [1].

According to Wikipedia (“War in Afghanistan (2001-present)”): “On October 7, 2001, before the onset of military hostilities, the Taliban did offer to try bin Laden in Afghanistan in an Islamic court. This offer was rejected by the U.S., and the bombing of targets within Afghanistan by U.S. and British forces commenced the same day. [On] October 14, 2001, seven days into the U.S./British bombing campaign, the Taliban offered to surrender Osama bin Laden to a third country for trial, if the bombing halted and they were shown evidence of his involvement in the September 11 terrorist attacks. This offer was also rejected by U.S. President Bush, who declared "There's no need to discuss innocence or guilt. We know he's guilty."

Now eminent US writer and academic Professor David Ray Griffin has published a detailed critique of the available evidence entitled “Osama bin Laden responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Is this belief based ion evidence?”. Professor Griiffin’s conclusion is damning: “I showed in a previous essay that, according to the best evidence presently available, Osama bin Laden has been dead for many years. In the present essay, I have shown that there is not even any good evidence for the claim that bin Laden was responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Accordingly, insofar as the justification for the continuation of the AfPak war is based on the fact that bin Laden in the region both before and after the 9/11 attacks, that justification would seem to be doubly baseless.” [1].

Recent hard scientific evidence from Professor Niels Harrit and colleagues from the Department of Chemistry in the 8-Nobel-Laureate University of Copenhagen, Denmark, has identified unexploded nano-thermite high explosive in all samples of the World Trade Center (WTC) dust examined – this indicating explosive demolition of the 3 WTC buildings and pointing directly to US responsibility for the 9-11 atrocity (with the likely involvement of its “dirty tricks” surrogate Apartheid Israel).

While according to Professor David Ray Griffin “there is not even any good evidence for the claim that bin Laden was responsible for the 9/11 attacks”, there is NO doubt who is responsible for an estimated 9-11 million violent and non-violent avoidable deaths associated with the Bush (now Obama) US Asian wars from 1990 onwards and an estimated 7-9 million excess death associated with post-9-11 US Asian wars.

UN and medical literature data show that in the Occupied Palestinian, Iraqi and Afghan Territories post-invasion non-violent excess deaths total 0.3 million, 1.0 million and 3.2 million, respectively;  post-invasion violent deaths total about 10,000, 1.3 million and up to 4 million, respectively; post-invasion violent and non-violent excess deaths total 0.3 million, 2.3 million and 3-7 million, respectively; post-invasion under-5 infant deaths total 0.2 million, 0.6 million and 2.3 million, respectively; and refugees total 7 million, 5-6 million and 3-4 million, respectively, plus a further 2.5 million Pashtun refugees generated by Obama in NW Pakistan – this constituting a Palestinian Holocaust, an Iraqi Holocaust and an Afghan Holocaust and a Palestinian Genocide, Iraqi Genocide and Afghan Genocide as defined by Article 2 of the UN Genocide Convention and egregious war crimes due in part to Occupier war criminal non-supply of life-sustaining food and medical requisites demanded unequivocally of each Occupier “to the fullest extent of the means available to it” by Articles 55 and 56 of the Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War.

UN Population Division data show that the current "annual death rate" for Occupied Afghan under-5 year old infants under the Obama-led US Alliance is 7% - as compared to that of 4% (for Poles under the Nazis in WW2), 5% (French Jews under the Nazis and the Nazi-collaborator Vichy régime in WW2), 13% (Australian POWs of the Japanese in WW2) and 19% (Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe).

The reason for this mass pedocidal carnage in Occupied Afghanistan due to the war criminal Obama-led US Alliance is made clear by the World Health Organization (WHO) – the “total annual health expenditure” permitted by the war criminal US Alliance in Occupied Afghanistan is $29 as compared to $6,714 in Homeland United States of America..

UN data show that 0.7 million people, including 0.4 million infants, die avoidably in the US Occupied Territories each year under Obama - his Nobel Peace Prize accordingly means, as in Orwell’s “1984”, that  "war is peace, ignorance is strength, slavery is freedom".

If justice broke out in the world right now we would see non-state terrorist Osama bin Laden (dead or alive)  tried for the FBI charges of complicity in the over 200 homicides in the East Africa bombings – and we would see the current world #1 terrorist Barack Hussein Obama arraigned before the International Criminal Court (ICC) for complicity in the excess non-violent deaths, so far,  alone, of 0.5 million innocent human beings.

The US has killed up to 9 million people in lieu of peaceful extradition proceedings and transparent justice – but for decent people, peace is the only way. We can try to ensure justice for the 0.4 million infants murdered by the US Alliance each year by (a) informing everyone we can; (b) demanding  arraignment of Bush, Cheney, Rice,  Blair, Obama, Biden, the Clintons, Brown, Sarkozy, Harper, Merkel, Howard and Rudd before the International Criminal Court ; and (c) by eschewing any avoidable dealings with war criminal people, corporations and countries involved in these ongoing atrocities.

[1]. Professor David Ray Griffin, “Osama bin Laden responsible for the 9/11 attacks? Is this belief based on evidence?”, Information Clearing House, 2 November 2009: .