Holocaust denial, Bush-ites, racism, mass murder

Gideon Polya, “Holocaust denial, Bush-ites, racism, mass murder”, MWC News, submitted 30 October 2006; no record by Google.


Holocaust denial, Bush-ites, racism, mass murder


MWC NEWS readers have a commonality in understanding English. Thus we all understand that racism means discrimination on the basis of race and doing unto others what you would not dream of doing to your own kind; mass murder means actively or passively bringing about the demise of large numbers of people; and holocaust denial means exactly that – denying the actuality of holocausts including mass murder events.

From the latest expert medical and UN data it can be readily estimated that the Bush wars have so far killed 3 million people post-invasion in the Occupied Iraqi and Afghan Territories, 1,000 (one thousand) times more numerically than those murdered on 9/11. Those who nevertheless STILL knowingly support Bush are complicit in racism, mass murder and holocaust denial.

A top US medical epidemiology/biometrics research group led by Dr Gilbert Burnham and Dr Les Roberts has recently published their estimate of 655,000 post-invasion Iraq excess deaths in the top medical journal The Lancet (October, 2006).

Excess deaths (avoidable deaths; deaths that did not have to happen) can be defined as the difference between the actual deaths in a country and deaths expected from a peaceful, decently-run country with the same demographics. 

This estimate is consistent with estimates based on data from 3 (three) quite separate alternative authoritative sources, specifically from the UN Population Division (563,000), UNICEF (639,000) and from The Lancet (October, 2004; primary data; 791,000)(see MWC News ).

Indeed the current estimate in The Lancet (2006) is a considerable UNDER-ESTIMATE because comparison of their post-invasion Iraq  “annual death rate” estimate of 1.33% with that of 0.4% in Iraq’s impoverished but peaceful neighbours Jordan and Syria yields an estimate of 887,000 post-invasion excess deaths (avoidable deaths; deaths that should not have happened).

Using this latter figure for Iraq and a UN-derived estimate for Afghanistan, the post-invasion excess deaths in Occupied Iraq and Occupied Afghanistan total 0.9 million and 2.1 million, respectively – a total of 3.0 million deaths, 1,000 (one thousand) times the number of people murdered on 9/11.

Bush-supporters who are AWARE of authoritative estimates of huge post-invasion deaths in Occupied Iraq and Occupied Afghanistan should be seriously concerned at their own complicity.


These estimates are consonant with independent UN data on post-invasion under-5 infant deaths, currently 437,000 and 1,665,000, respectively, for Occupied Iraq and Occupied Afghanistan.

To this death toll we should add 0.5 million post-2001 global opiate drug-related deaths (including 1,600 Australians, 3,200 Britons, 1,200 Scots, 3,000 Canadians and 50,000 Americans) linked to US-Coalition-NATO restoration of the Taliban-destroyed Afghan opium industry to a current 89% of world market share; 100,000 avoidable American under-5 infant deaths (due to warped Bush priorities; the cost of the Iraq War has been estimated at US$1-2 trillion by US Economics Nobel Laureate Professor Joseph Stiglitz); and 3,000 Coalition military deaths (see MWC News and here).

These estimates are well documented and derive from authoritative medical, WHO and UN sources (for key links see WHOUNODCUNICEF  , UN Population Division and a carefully researched letter I recently sent to all members of the Australian Federal parliament ).

Bush-supporters who are AWARE of authoritative estimates of huge post-invasion deaths in Occupied Iraq and Occupied Afghanistan should be seriously concerned at their own complicity. They can take some comfort in the knee-jerk bald denials from the US, UK and Australian Governments but they are also AWARE that these same Governments also denied the lack of any evidence for weapons of mass destruction in pre- and post-invasion Iraq; denied top  military, intelligence and scholarly testimony that the war on Iraq has exacerbated the terrorist threat to Anglo-Celtic countries occupying Muslim lands; and (with the exception of the UK) they also denied the seriousness of the acute global warming threat, still refuse to sign Kyoto Protocol and continue to preside over the world’s worst per capita greenhouse gas producers (US and Australia).

Bush supporters with a trace of conscience or humanity would surely look for some confirmation of the Bush-Blair-Howard position elsewhere.  The easiest and quickest route would be to consult UNICEF – it is outstanding in its care for Children and advertises regularly on national TV.  However consulting UNICEF immediately informs the reader that the annual under-5 infant deaths in Occupied Iraq and Afghanistan total about 0.5 million, 1,300 daily or 1 (one) per minute. Bush supporters with the slightest curiosity about the consequences of the wars they support  would immediately realize that something is seriously wrong.

Let me spell this out otherwise. You see a non-European child lying in the middle of the road. You tell a White householder to call an ambulance but he doesn’t want to know or be involved and simply rushes inside his house.  That is the exact analogy – except that it is happening to another non-European Muslim child in the Occupied Iraqi and Afghan Territories  once every minute – while Bush-ite men and women in America and around the world are eating, drinking, sleeping, working, playing and voting or otherwise supporting a war that is actually mass paedocide.  Let me spell this out even more clearly.

Racism.  Racism means treating people badly on the basis of race. If not letting an African American, Indian or Arab eat at your restaurant is racism what then is sending huge armies at huge cost halfway round the world to an inoffensive, non-threatening, impoverished country such as Iraq and causing 0.7 million excess deaths? That is exactly what the Republicans have done and if Americans (or non-American Bush-ites) support  them then they take the racism opprobrium on board.

Mass murder.  9/11 was undoubtedly mass murder although the jury is still out on who was actually responsible because so far there has been no trial and no jury – just a lot of lies, spin, obfuscation, propaganda and hysteria (for detailed analysis see Scholars for 9/11 truth ). If the murder of 3,000 people on 9/11 was mass murder, what then is the avoidable death of 0.7 million largely utterly innocent Iraqis in their own country due to foreign invasion from the other side of the world? Answer: mass murder - that is exactly what the Republicans and Bush-ites have done and those that vote for them take the mass murder opprobrium on board.

Holocaust denial.  It is illegal to deny the actuality of the Jewish Holocaust (6 million victims) in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Israel and Switzerland. In Belgium and France it is on the way to being a criminal offence for denying the Armenian Genocide (1.5 million victims). If it is variously illegal in these democratic countries to deny the Jewish Holocaust or the Armenian Genocide, what then is denial of the 3 million post-invasion excess deaths due to the Bush Wars in Occupied Iraq and Occupied Afghanistan? Answer: holocaust denial – that is exactly what the Republicans and UK, Australian and Coalition/NATO Bush-ites are doing. People who vote for them are taking the “holocaust denying” opprobrium on board.

Of course it is very difficult for the average Joe who is saturated with Mainstream media lying by commission and lying by omission over the actual horrendous deaths associated with the Bush Wars and who cannot for a moment doubt that it is impossible for Western democracies to do anything “bad” because they have such “good values” as reflected, for example, in their endless protestations of non-racism. After all, they cry, US democratic imperialism (forcibly bringing democracy to the world but seen by others as democratic tyranny or democratic Nazism) is represented by an African-American Secretary of State Dr Condoleezza Rice (who is surely, however, after 3 million excess deaths on her hands, deserving of the sobriquets Dr Death or the Wicked Witch of the West).

Mainstream media continue play a contemptible role in “holocaust denial” over the horrendous death toll in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thus a recent article in the “prestigious” Wall Street Journal slams the expert US medical epidemiologists and biometricians for a “bogus” report  (see: here ). The reader is given the “authoritative” but non-refereed, jaundiced views of a non-medico, non-scientist, non-biometrician, non-PhD from a right-wing think tank in a right-wing US Mainstream popular journal as evidence against the peer-reviewed conclusions of a top US medical epidemiologist/biometrician research group from a top medical department in a top US university (Johns Hopkins), published in a top medical journal The Lancet and, for example, endorsed by 27 top Australian medical experts.

Of course the racism, mass murder and holocaust denial is just the most acutely serious part of a much wider pattern of gross abuse of human rights by the Bush-ites and Republicans in the Anglo-Celtic and Anglo-Celtic-linked world. Follow the following links and discover for yourself how failure of the Bush-ite Occupiers to provide life-sustaining requisites to their Conquered Subjects in Occupied Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan grossly violate international law and international conventions (see the American Declaration of Independence and especially the part beloved of all decent people around the world: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”; Geneva Conventions; Geneva Conventions relative to protection of Civilians in time of war; UN Genocide Convention; UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights; and UN Rights of the Child Convention ).

People in the Anglo-Celtic world (Anglo-Celtia) need to be told publicly, personally and relentlessly that supporting the Republicans and their international, war criminal  Bush-ite lackeys means complicity in racism, mass murder and holocaust denial. We are obliged to inform them.