Entering 5th Grade Social Science

Welcome to the Social Science Virtual Learning University page! We’re so glad you’re here! Below are some activities to challenge and keep you learning throughout the summer. If you are unable to complete the challenges below for any reason, feel free to adjust the activity to meet your learner's specific needs. Happy Learning!

Challenge 1:

What jobs in your community make a difference? Pick 1 job and consider interviewing someone in your community who could share details and ideas about their important role in the community. Consider public works official, mail carrier, librarian, public safety official, etc.

Challenge 2:

Compare the landforms in Illinois to the landforms of Colorado or another state of your choice. What is similar? What is different? How does that affect how people live?

Challenge 3:

Create a grocery list for your family for the week. Look up the prices online. How much money will you need to bring to the store? If you’re over budget, what items will you eliminate from your list?

Challenge 4:

Research a historical figure. Then, design a list of interview questions that you would ask that person. Write the answers that person would probably give to your questions.

Challenge 5:

Plan a trip: use the Internet, travel guidebooks, brochures, and maps to plan a dream day, weekend, week, or month-long trip. Tell where you would be going, how you’ll get there, and what you’ll bring.

Challenge 6:

Create a timeline of your Top 5-10 most impactful presidents of the United States. Add why they were impactful as well as fun facts to your timeline. Reference the interesting book, Kid Presidents: True Tales of Childhood from America’s Presidents by David Stabler and Doogie Horner to learn more interesting information.