Entering 2nd Grade Social Science

Welcome to the Social Science Virtual Learning University page! We’re so glad you’re here! Below are some activities to challenge and keep you learning throughout the summer. If you are unable to complete the challenges below for any reason, feel free to adjust the activity to meet your learner's specific needs. Happy Learning!

Challenge 1:

Rules are different in different places. What are the rules at home? What are the rules at the pool? At the park? Why are rules important? If you could create new rules for your family, what would they be? Why would you add them?

Challenge 2:

Make a map of the park or your house. Draw pictures and include a legend.

Challenge 3:

Collect change around the house. Organize the coins into groups. How much total money do you have? What items do you need that you could buy with this money?

Challenge 4:

Talk with a family member about your community. How has the community changed over time? What was different in the community when your mom and dad were growing up compared to now? How might it be different in 10 years?

Challenge 5:

Create a Family Tree with as many members of your family as you can. Make sure you state the relationship of each person in the family. Include important information about your family members.

Challenge 6:

Research a state or country you don’t know a lot about. Pretend you are on vacation there. Write a postcard to someone at home. Tell them all about what you are doing on your trip.