Entering 2nd Grade Literacy

Welcome to the Literacy Virtual Learning University page! We’re so glad you’re here! Below are some activities to challenge and keep you learning throughout the summer. If you are unable to complete the challenges below for any reason, feel free to adjust the activity to meet your learner's specific needs. Happy Learning!

Challenge 1: Get a Hold of a Good Book and READ!

Pick a book, or two or three, from the Summer Reading Suggestions. Visit the library to check out new books and read! Keep returning to the library all summer to read, read, and read some more!! You can keep a tally or list of the books you read throughout the summer.

Challenge 2: If You’re Grateful & You Know It...

Create a Gratitude Journal. Draw and write about one thing each day of summer that you are thankful for and why. Share your gratitudes with a family member or friend, and ask them to share something they’re thankful for and why, too.

Challenge 3: “Series”ous Summer Reading

Think of a favorite book series that you enjoy. Read a couple of the books in the series. If you don’t have a favorite series, consider Henry and Mudge books, Mercy Watson books, or Mr. Putter and Tabby books. After reading a few of the books, talk about the similarities and differences in the characters’ adventures. Consider making a puppet of one of the characters and act out the book.

Challenge 4: Act it Out

Think about a favorite character from a book you have read. Act out a scene from the book with costumes or props. Write the scene from the story as a play.

Challenge 5: Pizza Pizazz

Follow this recipe or a different one you find online to make your own pizza. Write the steps you took to make the pizza (First, Next, After that, Finally). Consider reading the book The Pizza that We Made by Joan Holub.

Challenge 6: You’ve Got Mail

Write a letter or email to…

*a friend

*a relative

*your teacher

*someone of your choice

Ask a grown up to help you send it.

Challenge 7: Explore Your Local Libraries

Libraries are unique to the community around them. They try to create programing and activities that match the needs of the population they serve. Ask a grown up to take you to as many local libraries as you can to explore a variety of free activities. Consider attending a summer class or registering to participate in the summer reading program.

Local Libraries to visit:

Challenge 8: Animals in Action

Look for a living thing in your backyard, at the park, or at the zoo. Write an informational text about the living thing. What does it look like? Is it eating something? What is it doing? Add a picture or diagram of the living thing to your creative writing piece.

Challenge 9: Summer Bucket List

Create a list or poster of all of the fun activities you would like to do with your family this summer. Where would you like to go? What would you like to see?! This could include going to the park, zoo, or spending time with family. The possibilities are endless!

Challenge 10: Oh The Places You’ll Read…..

There are many creative ways to enjoy a book. Try some of these ideas:

  • flashlight reading in the dark
  • read to a stuffed animal or pet
  • read outside under a tree, in the sun, on a park bench or swing, etc.
  • read in a tent or homemade fort
  • read on a family trip
  • Audio books: Storyline Online, Tumblebooks (Free with your Schaumburg library card)