Entering 1st Grade Math

Welcome to the Math Virtual Learning University page! We’re so glad you’re here! Below are some activities to challenge and keep you learning throughout the summer. If you are unable to complete the challenges below for any reason, feel free to adjust the activity to meet your learner's specific needs. Happy Learning!

Challenge 1:

Click here to learn about coins! Then, play the game to sort them by type.

Challenge 2:

Sort the Fuzz Bugs by their different attributes, and answer questions about your Fuzz Bug sort.

Challenge 3:

Pop the bubbles to drop into the correct the treasure boxes.

Challenge 4:

Play BINGO and practice your shapes and colors.

Challenge 5:

Choose your target number, then find the number pairs that make that number.

Challenge 6:

Count, count, count! Count all the objects up to 100!

Challenge 7:

Help George measure objects with some silly items!

Challenge 8:

Pop the balloons in order from the smallest to the largest, or largest to the smallest!

Challenge 9:

Target the fruit to skip count by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s!

Challenge 10:

The Fuzz Bugs are back! Find the missing number needed to complete the number bond.