Entering 4th Grade Social Science

Welcome to the Social Science Virtual Learning University page! We’re so glad you’re here! Below are some activities to challenge and keep you learning throughout the summer. If you are unable to complete the challenges below for any reason, feel free to adjust the activity to meet your learner's specific needs. Happy Learning!

Challenge 1:

What city is the capital of Illinois? What are some places of interest you would see if you visited this city?

Challenge 2:

Create a map of the different landforms in Illinois. Include lakes, rivers, prairies, etc. in your map.

Challenge 3:

Play Monopoly or Payday or The Game of Life with your family- you are the banker!

Challenge 4:

Read an I Am Series Book. Talk to a family member about how this person made an impact. Some examples include:

I am Helen Keller

I am Amelia Earhart

I am Abraham Lincoln

I am Sacagawea

Challenge 5:

Design a postage stamp for a hero who stood for the dignity of people from all walks of life.

Challenge 6:

While enjoying a book that features a journey, write postcards from the perspective of the main character for each stop along the trip. Consider the following books that feature an adventure/journey:

*When Amelia Earhart Built a Roller Coaster by Mark Weakland

*What To Do About Alice?: How Alice Roosevelt Broke the Rules, Charmed the World, and Drove Her Father Teddy Crazy! by Barbara Kerley

*Lewis and Clark for Kids: Their Journey of Discovery with 21 Activities by Janis Herbert