Important Contact Information

Demarest High School 201‐768‐3200/Fax: 201‐768‐5438

Superintendent/Administration Building 201‐768-2200 x12140‐12150

Old Tappan High School 201-784‐1600

Principal 13010

Assistant Principal Ms. Galligan/Ms. Perna 13050

Assistant Principal Ms. Marolda 13030

Director of Guidance 13130

Attendance Office 13060

Computer Coordinator 13300

Library 14105

School Nurse 13360

Director of HS Special Education 12210

District Supervisors

English, Ms. Paolucci 24300

Mathematics, Ms. Vella 24768

Physical Ed./Athletics, Mr. Butler 24370

Related Arts, Mr. Harris 13536

Science, Ms. Cusmano 13440

Social Studies, Mr. Austin 23330

Special Education, Ms. Bayer 13105

Technology Education, Mr. Janosz 13300

World Language, Mr. Buoye 23280

Guidance Counselors Grades 9 through 12

Mr. Spatz (District Director of Guidance) 13130

Mr. O’Malley (Lead Counselor) 13100

Ms. Ferraro 13090

Ms. Salerno 13115

Ms. Glennon 13080

Ms. Spafford 13280

Mr. Tiell 13540

Student Assistance Coordinator/Crisis Counselor

Ms. Bajakian 13260

Who’s in Charge and Where to GoAbsence Notes, Ms. Jeffs A‐102

Academic Theater, Ms. Albirt, D‐100

Assistant Principal, Ms. Perna/Ms. Galligan, Main Office

Assistant Principal, Ms. Marolda, Main Office

Athletic Director, Mr. Butler, E‐105

Dir. of Buildings/Grounds, Mr. Mullen, Board Office

Driver Education Permits, Mr. Butler, E‐105

Fines & Club Activity Fees, Ms. Velasco-Lopez, Main Office

District Director of Guidance, Mr. Spatz, A‐123

Guidance Counselors All Grades, A‐122

Head Custodian, Mr. Smithson, D‐Corridor

Lateness and Attendance, Ms. Jeffs, A‐102

Library, Ms. Albirt, D‐100

Locker Information, Ms. Jeffs, A‐102

Nurse, Ms. Mogelesky, A‐115

Parking Permits/Working Papers, Ms. Arricale, Main Office