Cut Policy

A “cut” is defined as an absence based upon a deliberate decision by a student or group of students not to attend a class without prior administrative approval. Students taking one‐semester or one‐quarter courses (health) will be dropped on the 2nd cut. Students taking a full year course will be dropped on the 3rd cut.

If dropped, the student will receive a "T" which will be included in his/her class rank. The student may take the course for new credit in an approved summer school or online at the student's expense.

If a student cuts a class two days in a row, the teacher must inform the assistant principal immediately after the second cut. The teacher will contact the parents when the class is a full year course.


The Northern Valley Regional High School Board of Education believes that the material covered in each class session is an integral part of the course. Therefore, a student misses graded classwork/assessments/or assignments as a result of cutting class, the student is still expected to demonstrate his or her academic competency by completing the missed assignment/assessment or another performance task in a timely manner. The timeline to complete the work will be established by the teacher, guidance counselor and/or case manager, assistant principal, and student. The late assignment/assessment/task will be graded and the student will earn 65% of the grade on the assignment or assessment (i.e. if a student earns a grade of 90% on the late work, they will receive 58.5% in PowerSchool). Failure to take advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate academic competency will result in a zero for that assignment/assessment.

In addition, when a student cuts a class, the following consequences will be imposed:

First Cut: The first cut from a class results in 6 points and a call to the parent by the teacher as soon as the cut is verified. A meeting will be scheduled with the teacher, subject supervisor, and student. The meeting will be held at the mutual convenience of the subject supervisor, teacher, and student. The assistant principal will also contact the parent.

Second Cut: of the Same Class: The second or more cuts on the same day results in 10 days of detention. A conference will be held with the assistant principal, parent, and student. Parents will be informed that the student will be dropped from the course on the next class cut.

Third Cut: of the Same Class: Students will be dropped from his/her course with no credit. The student will receive a T, indicating withdrawn for excessive cuts or absences. The grade for this course will not be included in the GPA or in the class rank. The student may be placed in study hall for the remainder of the school year. The student may take the course .

Students missing a class because they are late to school will be considered as cutting that class unless the attendance office is notified by telephone or a note from a parent or guardian when signing into school