Cell Phones

The administration recognizes the importance of cellular phones from an emergency and safety standpoint. The use of cellular phones will be permitted before school, during unit lunch (10:41‐11:35 AM) and after school. Cell phones must be turned off and put away during the school day, including examination sessions. If a cell phone is used during an assessment, the phone will be confiscated and a zero entered for a grade regardless of the reason the cell phone was being used. Any student found using a cell phone on school grounds during school hours (other than lunch) will have the cell phone confiscated and have it returned only to a parent/guardian. On occasion staff members may allow the use of Electronic Hand Held Devices for educational purposes.

Paging Devices (Beepers)

According to New Jersey State Law, a student commits a disorderly persons offense if he/she knowingly and without written permission from school authorities brings or possesses any remotely activated paging device on any property used for school purposes at any time regardless of whether school is in session or other persons are present. Paging devices are not permitted. A complaint may be filed with the police.