Any student engaged in vandalism anywhere on school grounds will make restitution for damages. Further action will be taken in accordance with the seriousness of the crime. Vandalism takes many forms, from defacing lavatories to writing on desks. Students who are found vandalizing will be disciplined under State Statute 18A:37‐2 and our school’s policy. Section 18A of the N.J. School Laws states that “any pupil who shall cut, deface, or otherwise injure any school house, furniture, or other property of the school district shall be liable to suspension and punishment, and the parent or guardian of such pupils shall be liable for damages to the amount of the injury.”


Security cameras have been installed inside the high school to continue the process of maximizing school safety/security for students and staff that was initiated with the installation of perimeter cameras in previous years.


There is to be no fighting by any student of this school in any part of the school building, on the school grounds, in the school bus, in the parking lot or at any event supervised by the school, or the student will be automatically disciplined according to policy. A complete investigation, including a parental conference will be made, as well as the taking of statements from participants. Police will be notified.