Honor is one of a person’s greatest attributes and most cherished traits. An honor system is based on the premise that a person upholds the highest standards in all that he or she does. Honor and integrity are related to our school’s key characteristics. Without honor, students cannot achieve their maximum potential.

Under the Honor Code at Northern Valley Regional High School, it is expected that all students will demonstrate honesty and integrity in their conduct. Intentional lying, cheating, and stealing will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Any person who violates the Honor Code must be held accountable for compromising the honor and trust of our community.

Each student is responsible for upholding and enforcing the Honor Code. The Northern Valley Honor Code cannot work unless each student takes action when he or she believes anyone may have violated the Honor Code.


  1. I will take credit for my work. I will not cheat, help others cheat, or allow others to do my work for me.
  2. I will not forge (fake/copy) signatures, records, information, or results.
  3. I will not plagiarize. I will use quotations and cite sources when I use someone else’s words and ideas.
  4. I will not give another student my own work under any circumstances, unless I am directed to do so by my teacher.
  5. I will be honest about my work with teachers, peers, and parent(s)/guardian(s).
  6. I understand I will be expected to demonstrate my academic competency by redoing the assignment/assessment or another performance task in a timely manner that is agreed upon with my teacher and guidance counselor.
  7. I understand that I may be required to attend extra help sessions in order to acquire the skills needed to complete the work in an honest manner.
  8. I understand that the corrected assignment/assessment/task will be graded, and the student will earn 65% of the new grade.
  9. I understand that if I fail to take advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate academic competency, that it will result in a zero for the assignment/assessment/task.
  10. I understand that any misrepresentation will be recorded on my discipline record by the assistant principal.
  11. I will abide by the BOE Acceptable Use Policy