Midterm Examinations

All Northern Valley students are required to take midterm examinations. There will be no exemptions from midterm examinations.

Final Examinations

Students may be exempt from final examinations if they have received grades of “A‐, A or A+” for each marking period and an “A‐, A or A+” on the mid‐term examination. A student who has failed a semester or a full‐year course does not have to take the final examination.

Absences From Exams

When a student is not present for an exam, a call to the home is made to determine the reason why the student is not present. The student may take the exam if arrival is made at a reasonable time on that day. If the student were to be absent on the day of an examination, a doctor’s note must be submitted upon returning to school. If a medical excuse is not submitted, the student will receive an “F” for the exam.

Students who during the regularly scheduled exam period must attend an event as a representative of the school may take the examination(s) at an alternate time at the discretion of the principal. Students who absent themselves from an examination for any other reason must gain the principal’s approval in advance.

Examinations should be made up at the earliest possible date upon return, but must be completed by the start of the new school year. Failure to do so will result in a failing grade for the course because the student has not completed course requirements, one of which is the final examination. The report card will show no entry in the final exam column and an “F” for the final grade.