Homework Mission Statement

The Northern Valley Regional High School District strongly supports independent practice and the extension of learning as an integral part of a student’s academic program. Student achievement increases when homework is regularly assigned and when students complete it as part of their total program. Homework encourages student self discipline, independence, and responsibility.

Homework assignments can serve to help students practice previously-learned material, learn new material, incorporate higher-order thinking skills, and improve study skills.

Teachers are expected to state clearly the purpose of assignments, explain how the assignments might best be carried out, outline what the student needs to do to demonstrate that the assignment has been completed and how the homework will be incorporated into the student’s assessment. Parents are encouraged to access PowerSchool on a regular basis to monitor student progress on assignments. Teachers and counselors will work with parents to support satisfactory completion of assignments. Information about assignments is posted on the teachers’ PowerSchool Learning (formerly Haiku) pages and are accessible by students. The expectations are that teachers will post long-range assignments and due dates, upcoming assessments, stage 1 and 2 of unit plans as they are developed, and support material. No new daily assignments due the next school day are to be posted after school hours unless advanced notice has been communicated directly to students. Additionally, nothing that supports a daily assignment is to be posted after school hours.

Parents are encouraged to provide an environment in which students can complete homework. It is important that parents be aware of the types of assignments given and assignment deadlines so that they can monitor effectively.