NVRHSD Bring Your Own MacBook Agreement

Any parent permitting their child to use a personally owned technology device in accordance with this agreement on school district property, must read, sign, and return this agreement to the school of ice. Each student and parent must complete required training prior to bringing the equipment to class.

    1. If a student elects not to receive a school‐issued computer, he or she may provide their own device that meets minimum specifications that are to be set and revised by administration every two years beginning with the 2015‐16 school year.
    2. The student is responsible for keeping the device in their possession or properly securing it at all times. District personnel are not responsible for the security or condition of students’ personal devices.
    3. The student is responsible for the proper care of personal technology devices, including all maintenance and repair, replacement or modifications, and software updates necessary to effectively use the device.
    4. The district reserves the right to confiscate and/or inspect personal technology devices, if there is reason to believe that it was used to violate our policies, administrative procedures, school rules, or for general misconduct.
    5. Violations may result in the loss of privilege to use personal technology in school, and/or disciplinary and legal action, as appropriate.
    6. The student must comply with the teacher’s request to refrain from using a device, verify/display the authentication login screen, or to power down (turn off ) the device.
    7. The student may not use any devices to record, transmit or post photos or videos of any person without their knowledge and consent. Images, video, and audio files recorded at school may not be transmitted or posted at any time, without the expressed permission of a district faculty member.
    8. The student should only use personal technology devices with consent and under the direct supervision of a district faculty member.
    9. All users are required to utilize the district’s secured wireless network to access the Internet while on school grounds.
    10. The student must allow for the district installation of software and user profiles that may be required to access the computer network, install software, filter content, and/or for test administration.
    11. The district shall not be responsible for damages to devices brought from home. Parents/guardians should refer to homeowner’s insurance coverage for damages and theft coverage.
    12. Accidents, vandalism, or theft must be reported to the appropriate technician or administrator within one school day following the incident.

NOTE: The use of private wireless Internet connections is not allowed!