Music & Movement

Please let Mrs. Knowlton know if you have other great links to add to our lists!

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  • PE With Joe - Free Daily Kids Workouts on YouTube - Keep the kids moving during school shutdowns or isolation. Joe Wicks will be holding 30 minute long kids' workout classes on his You Tube channel, and he will be doing them every weekday at 9am during the school closures. You can choose to watch them at a later time as well.

  • Fun Video of Activity Ideas - When your kids need to move!

  • SuperDeck : A multi-player Fitness Card Deck - You can use this deck to play a variety of games that are fun to play and incorporate some fitness exercises along the way. It can be used by physical educators when they are inside with limited space to help develop student fitness and teach proper exercise technique. It can be used by classroom teachers to give students a “brain break”. It can also be played by families at home to help kids develop fitness, to give students a break between other subjects while homeschool teaching or as a fun game on game night.

  • "What's Your Name" Fit activity for kids

  • Youtube Link to a 20 minute workout for kids

  • Little Sports - Youtube Channel of 15-20 minute workouts for kids (Great for your BREAK time in the day)

  • GoNoodle - Lots of fun movement activities for kids while you're stuck inside. Also available in a FREE Roku App

  • Harry Kindergarten - Fantastic Videos to get your kids moving and learning. Mostly for K-2 aged kids.

  • The Learning Station - Healthy Music for a Child's Heart, Body & Mind

  • A-Game Music Games - TONS of music games for kids

  • Classics for Kids - Music Education Games

  • New York Philharmonic Kids - Music Education Games

  • Jack Hartman Kid's Music Channel - Videos are created and added weekly for parents and teachers to enjoy and share. These videos focus on reading, writing, math, science, physical fitness and even brain

  • EricHermanMusic - Eric Herman's award-winning songs and videos have been featured nationally on PBS Kids, The Today Show, Fox & Friends, XM Radio and in the Warner Bros. film, Life as We Know It, and he has received raves from kids and adults alike for his wildly entertaining and highly participatory performances at kids' venues around the U.S.

  • Prodigies Music Lessons - A Youtube channel full of interactive learning videos that get kids singing, hand-signing and playing their first instrument. We sing about the musical alphabet, about Solfege, about scale numbers and colors! Your kids will learn how to play their favorite songs and you'll be amazed at how fast their musicality will develop.

  • Music Appreciation Videos by understanding music