Learning Activity Resources

If you know of any great resources or documents that we do not have on this page that you'd like to see here, please contact Mrs. Knowlton and we will get them added for you!

Frequently Used

Most students know how to log into the frequently used apps and websites here. However, if your child does not know how to login to these sites, please contact your teacher for their login information.

Typing Tutor

Math, Language Arts & NOW both Sciene & Social Studies Practice

Vocabulary & Spelling Practice

Reading Books & Instruction

Learning Videos Grades 3-8

FREE access during school closures

Learning Videos Grades K-3

FREE access during school closures

Fun movement activities Also available in a FREE Roku App

Excellent homework help instructional videos.

Khan Academy Schedule for School Closures

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These are some fantastic FREE educational websites, activities and learning ideas for your family to use while you must remain at home. Most of them are completely free, however some of them are only temporarily free right now during the COVID-19 crisis.

If you find anymore great sites, please share with Mrs. Knowlton so she can add to these lists.

Bible Activities & Games

Language Arts & Reading Activities & Games

Math Activities & Games

Social Studies & Science Games & Activities

Arts & Crafts Activities

Music & Movement Games, Videos & Activities

Multi-Subject & Miscellaneous Games & Activities

Great YouTube Channels or Playlists for Kids

Teacher Resources

These are resources for your teachers!