Transportation & Travel to School

rev. 7/17/2023

Bus Transportation

Nimitz Students have access to Bus Transportation as long as they live at a mile or more away from their homeschool. More information on SY23-24 Bus Transportation services can be found in this handbook.

You can also apply for the bus online, here

Automobile Transportation

The Nimitz Elementary School campus has a roundabout driveway that is designed for student drop off and pickup. If you are to drop off and/or pick up your child in this area, please DO NOT park. If you must accompany your child on campus, then please park on Main Street where your vehicle will not be an obstacle to others. 


NES Vehicle Placard System- Ensuring the safety of our students during dismissal is important. Particularly in our vehicle line, we want to make sure we are sending the correct students to each vehicle. Starting in SY22-23, we are kindly asking parents/guardians who pick up their children in the vehicle line to create a vehicle placard. This placard, when created from this form, can be placed on your dashboard so our staff can easily identify which student should be leaving campus in that vehicle. Once you fill out this form, please allow us at least 48 hours to print the placard and place it in your child's backpack. When the placard makes it home to you, simply follow the instructions and place it on your vehicle's dashboard when picking up your child.