Student Behavior

Nimitz Elementary School students follow the SOAR Positive Behavior Model to promote safe and appropriate school behavior.

Nimitz Elementary School also follows the Chapter 19 guidelines outlined by the Hawaii DOE for student safety and discipline.

Chapter 19-2020.pdf

Positive Behavior Recognition

Positive Behavior Recognition Tickets

Nimitz Elementary teachers do their best to highlight good behavior whenever they can. When an NES student does well to display Self-Discipline, an Open Mind, a good Attitude, or Respect, our teacher gives them a Positive Behavior Recognition Ticket to recognize their success.

Spirit Rings and Sticks

If you get a Positive Behavior Recognition Ticket (PBR), you can go to the library to receive a fun Nimitz ES accessory called Spirit Rings and Spirit Sticks. You can collect them all by showing different forms of the SOAR model, or by becoming an Eagle of the Month.

Eagle of the Month

Every month, Nimitz Elementary teachers choose a student that was exemplary in showing SOAR in their behavior. For this, not only do they get to have a special lunch with their EoM peers, but get recognized in class or at lunch by the Principal and Vice Principal.