Health and Medication

If you have any questions about the Health Room and implementation of medication at Nimitz Elementary, please email 

Health Aide

The health aide is on duty from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on school days. She is available to render first aid care and to arrange for parents to pick up children from school due to illness. Students may not walk home unaccompanied from the health room.


Please do not send medication to school with your child.  Make an effort to schedule medications so your child can take them before coming to school or as soon as they return home. If it is absolutely necessary that your child take medication during school hours, both a parent and the doctor must sign a "Request for Administration of Medication in School" Form SHS-36, before the medication can be stored in the health room and administered by the Health Aide. Medication stored in the school Health Room will not be used for field trips. 

Per Form 36, parents need to provide medication for any off-campus event. Students who take medication during school hours and store them in the Health Room must have their own supply of medication for that event. Stored medications must remain in the Health Room at all times

Illness in the Morning

If your child is ill, the child should be kept at home. This will help to lessen the incidences of illnesses at school. Parents should check with their child's private physician or the school health aide if they have any questions. Certain communicable diseases need medical clearance before reentry to school.  

Significant Medical Conditions

Significant medical conditions should be indicated on the Emergency Card. If special conditions or physical restrictions are needed in school, a medical statement will need to be submitted yearly. 

Head Lice Guidelines

Head lice are a fairly common occurrence. They can be identified in a number of ways:

Nimitz Elementary School currently follows the State of Hawaii DOE guidelines on head lice:

Peanut Policy

There are students who are highly allergic to nut products and their by-products such as peanut butter, peanut oil, peanut flour, bread with nuts, rice cake with nuts, granola bar with nuts, trail mix with nuts, etc.  Nut allergies are often severe and can be fatal, which is why we need everyone’s cooperation.  Even a tiny amount of nut particles or residue ingested through the eyes, nose, or mouth can cause a severe reaction or death. A major health issue such as this one needs to be taken very seriously, and it has always been the policy of this school to make the safety and well being of our students our top priority.  

Therefore, we are asking that parents NOT send any nut products to school.  This will help prevent an accidental ingestion.