Attendance Policies


The school pays close attention to a student’s attendance.  Students who are in school less than one-half of the school day are marked absent for the entire day.


It is important to come to school on time.  If your child arrives AFTER 7:50 a.m.:


Regular attendance is important and children should not miss school unless it is absolutely necessary.  Please inform the school of an absence by filling out an absence report form online. 

Trips/Family Vacations (Unexcused Absences)

Trips are considered “time away” from classroom instruction, so please plan vacations to coincide with school recesses if at all possible.  Please notify your teacher and the office in writing in advance when a trip is planned.  Teachers are not required to provide homework or make-up work for children on unexcused trips.

Chronic Tardiness/Excessive Absences

Students who are chronically tardy or absent (91.7% present, or 15 absences per year) will be referred to the counselors and administrators for follow up action with parents.

Attendance Concern Notifications- Due to the Hawaii Department of Education minimum standard of a 91.7% attendance rate, parents/guardians of a student with equal or less than a  91.7% attendance rate will be notified of this concern through our automated email system. Should improvements not be made, further mitigating actions may be utilized, such as…

Homework Procedures in Case of Absence

Parent cooperation in adhering to the following procedures will enable the school office to expedite the request for pick up of homework without interruption to the classroom.  Please inform the school office between 7:30 - 8:30 a.m. if your child is going to be absent.