Week 4 Term 2

W4 T2

Hi I'm Kyle, last night it was my production . I went very well and got nice flowers, from my cousin it was very fun!.


My last production was my favourite. The first class was Nicola's class. Then it was Kowhai then Jos had her class on, then us. I walked up and peeped out behind the screen and saw millions of people. I had to pretend they weren't there. The end was hard (sort of) because me and Sean had to hang our legs off the stage and the curtains were coming fast even though they were slow we did get past. Then Rachel's class on to Harakeke and then my favorite karaka and then room 6 and room 2 and the last room 9.



A day in the of a HVS Narrator

We're at Wellington High and one more minute till the Production starts. Mr H comes over to me and asks me, have you practiced your lines for narrator? I didn't say anything but I walked to the narrator stand and shivered while I sat down. I started speaking but no words came out. I started dancing but I only stood still. I didn't know what could be worse.

by Isabel

News Article Production 2018
I like the production

On Thursday we went for a walk with Ngaio up through the rainforest up the top of the track at the top of the zig zag.

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Great to reach the end of production. We had a great story to tell through our production and we all worked really hard to learn our moves, think about being in character and remembering when to come on and off. It was cool to have so much input from the students in the creation of our story and how it all came together through dance.