Week 10 Term 2

W10 T2
Nikau Panui - Week 10 Term 2

From your student blogger Lily....

This week we have been working on some Kowhaiwhai Panels. The purpose for making them is to make our classroom be recognised as a New Zealand classroom.

Here are some of the finished ones and some of the one that are still in the making.

This is the link to our Maths Craft website and some of our amazing creations!


Some wonderful creative and collaborative learning happening in Nikau this morning.

On Thursday we learnt to play Ki-O-Rahi with Kararka. "This is a traditional Māori game which is based on the Purakau (legend) of Rahitutakahina and the rescue of his wife Tiarakurapakewai. The tākaro is a reflection of Tupuna story telling at its best, as well as provides an insight into the way in which they would explain and design Tākaro to reflect their unique "world view". The Papa Tākaro (field) layout of Ki o Rahi and the way the Tākaro is played is a perfect example of this." It's a pretty challenging game to learn but we slowly got the hang of it. It requires a different sort of team strategy than other games we are used to playing. Here is the link to explain more about it.

On Thursday we had the Performance Assembly. Felix and Sean played Billie Jean, Tessa and Tallulah were the hosts. We also said goodbye to Isabel and her family.

Nienke and Siofra stealing a sneaky selfie on my phone!