Week 6 Term 1

If your child has enjoyed reading Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls - check out this new podcast. The first episode is about Margaret Hamilton - the girl who put a man on the moon!

W6 T1

In the weekend Sophie made a power efficient miniature oven. It's made from a tin can and a candle. You can even cook real food on it! IN the weekend she made pizza and noodles on it. In class she cooked a mini pancake on it.


One of our Get NZ Writing tasks is to write a found poem. We did this on Monday using text from The Traitor and the Thief.

On Tuesday we read some stories of refugee experiences during reading time. This introduced us to some new words.

Isabel has started a Rubiks Cube club on a Wednesday lunchtime - she's pretty good at solving them at wants to share her passion. Awesome!

We love biking - it's so cool to have these bikes to use in our school. In Nikau we are getting quite creative with how we ride bikes - hands free, feet free, side saddle.