Term 3 Week 6

W6 T3
Nikau Writing Week 6

School wide we are learning about what good writers do, and using these goals to help guide us as we write. We each have different goals based on what we identify as something we need to work on. This week we are sharing writing which we think proves we are doing this.


We had some fun on Wednesday afternoon, trying to carry a ball without using our arms and everyone in our team had to be helping and in contact with the ball. Great problem solving, team work and collaboration on display.

On Wednesday after school we had a working bee to work on the chicken run. It was a lot of fun, we found wetas, big beetles and spiders and are nearly ready for the arrival of Elvis Eggsly, Chicky Menage, Stan Squawker, and the fourth friend yet to be named, will it be Clorde, Ashelle, or Peck? Stay tuned to find out.

On Friday our Road Patrollers headed in to the city to take part in The Orange Day Parade, to raise awareness for school road patrol safety. We came third in the banner competition !!

Glad you've got your hottie Davida, it looks cold!