Week 2 Term 1

W2 T1
Niaku Panui W2 T1

Over the last couple of weeks we have been getting to know each other and finding new connections with each other. One of the ways we have been sharing is on our class All About Me slide.

All about me Nikau 2018

On Tuesday we did some visualisations about the novel we are reading, The Traitor and the Thief. Visualisation is a strategy we use to help us understand what we are reading. We see a picture in our heads based on what we are reading and how the author has used words to describe things in the story. Our own experiences may influence what we visualise and the cool thing is no two pictures are the same and there is no right or wrong! Here are some of our visualisations of some of the characters in the book.

Our current PE focus is small ball skills - throwing, catching, hitting and striking. We are actually pretty good!

For maths at the moment we are focusing on recalling our basic facts and learning some new games we can play using dice and playing cards. These are great games for you to play at home to help recall of these facts. These pictures are of us playing Salute.

We also learnt to play addition and multiplication war.

We have loved finding ways to cook with the millions of zucchinis we are getting in the garden and the eggs from our chickens. On Thursday Bana, Monet and Taiso made zucchini slice.